Kerala Lottery Online (2022)


In India and Kerala included, more than 500 million people play online lottery


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Like we mentioned before, online lottery is a very popular form of entertainment in this country because it’s not just about having fun but also about being able to potentially win millions overnight.


Most lottery players dream of winning millions and becoming rich, but they don’t realize how huge the odds against them are – no wonder that almost no one ever wins big! 


But you don’t have to rely purely on luck when trying to win the lottery because several measures are needed to increase your chances of success. For instance, working out where you buy tickets and choosing numbers that are unlikely to be chosen by others who play regularly.


Kerala is known to be the first state to launch a lottery in India, starting with a new concept of aid and philanthropy. The government promised to do everything it could to improve the lives of its citizens and finance this goal by creating activities that would benefit all participants.



A Bit About Indian Lottery

The Kerala lottery, the first of its’ kind in India, was initiated by a Finance Minister. The program was launched after the ban of other private lotteries, and it soon became the benchmark amongst other states within India.


Today, people in Kerala can play seven types of lottery games each week. The Kerala State Lotteries Department offers seven weekly lotteries – Pournami, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Nirmal, Karunya Plus, and Karunya – one for each day of the week.


Moreover, on the special occasions of 4 of the biggest festivals celebrated in Kerala – Vishu, Onam, Dussehra, and Christmas, also have their specific lotteries offered.



Kerala Lottery online



Kerala Lottery 2022 Key Points

Kerala Lottery winners need to confirm their winning numbers and are advised by the government to collect their prizes within 30 days of a draw. Weekly draws are done on Tuesdays at 3 pm, and results for the lottery types specified in the first paragraph below can be found online per the table defined here.




How Can I Make Prize Claim In-Portal?

Visit the Kerala lottery online website and click on the ‘Prize Claim’ option. Fill up the mandatory details, such as your ticket number, order number, etc. Then click “Submit Now”. Your prize will be processed successfully.




How Can I Book Kerala State Lotteries Online?

Before starting, let’s remind you that overseas lottery tickets cannot be purchased or collected in India. Before going further, ensure that you are currently in a region where such LOTTO tickets are valid.


It’s important to note that the 2018 Online Lottery Ticket can only be purchased and claimed by those with a winning ticket! First of all, log in at the first instance to your online account with your customized Kerala Lottery Code from your email, either through Mobile internet (the official website being or Computer web browser and click on ‘My Account/Account Details’.


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Popular Kerala Lottery Online Available in India

Here are some of the most common online lotteries available in Kerala that you can choose from and win big amounts.



  • Mega Million

Mega Millions began as the Big Game in 1996 in which players chose six numbers from two separate pools (there were only seven lotteries providing this game: Georgia, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and California). In 2010 it was officially renamed to Mega Millions. The logo of the current version features a gold-colored ball with 12 stars highlighting the “12” and “45” drawn in blue.



  • Mega Million Max

Mega Millions Max is a lottery game where the player can win that life-changing jackpot that every lottery player always dreamt of. The current jackpot is $145 million, but if it hasn’t been won after nine washes, the jackpot prize will be rolled down to the next prize tier.



  • Super Ena Max

The SuperEna Max lottery gives players the chance to win a huge jackpot because it draws 6 different numbers out of a total of 70. You can win a minimum of €76 million and €89 million at the time of writing.

A lottery with this jackpot is outstanding, right? It’s similar to the SuperEnalotto in that you select six numbers from 70, but this is easier because only one has been purposefully made unavailable (number 54).

Draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 19:30 CET in Rome, which could be compared to the EuroMillions draws now held on Tuesdays and Fridays. The first-ever SuperEna Max draw took place on Saturday, March 1st, 2014.



  • Cash4Life

Cash4Life is like an American game show, except the “prize” is cash! It’s currently playing in ten states (as of June 13th, 2021 it was originally being played at 13 locations). Ticket sales began on June 13th, 2014 and the very first drawing took place just three days later. On any given drawing day players can participate from three minutes to one week prior to 8 pm EST. Drawings are held Tuesdays through Fridays.



  • Power Ball

The Powerball game is granted by the United States state lottery administration. The game was first launched on 19 April 1992 by 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Massachusetts was the first to withdraw from playing even before one year ended. Later on, it was starting in 2003 that this game started to be played 24 hours a day seven days a week with an exception for Christmas Eve and religious holidays.



  • PowerBall Plus

Powerball Plus lottery tickets offer a much bigger jackpot for matching just six (6) numbers out of 80 total numbers. To claim this big prize, you must match your numbers exactly to the ones on the official Powerball website.


Kerala online lottery tips






Why is Online Lottery Growing in Popularity?

People who play online lotteries are, in a sense, entrepreneurs. They entrust their hopes to the random nature of chance and supply as they plan for an uncertain future filled with extraordinary opportunities.

Whether or not these lottery players have won big is something that remains to be seen. However, it’s clear from the data from IPL 2018, UTT 2017, and IBL 2017 that millions of people across India participated in these lotteries even if they never walked away from them as winners.

Furthermore, the large potency of foreign lotteries such as Powerball and Megamillions is far greater than India’s smaller lottery prizes. As a result, many people in India have had their lives changed for the better thanks to these online lotteries.

Another factor that may have led to the growth of online lotteries is the fact that many of the sites selling lottery tickets are also betting sites. The online gambling industry is huge, and one way to encourage sign-ups on your site is by having options like international lottery tickets, sports betting, and even online casinos.

These options help bring users to your site so you can leverage people’s existing interests or biases and help them solve multiple problems in a single purchase!





Tips on Playing Online Lottery in India

The lottery world is full of intricate maneuvers and clever plots. Even though many people feel that it is a luck-based game, it has more elements and layers beyond luck. The framework of online lottery games does not pick a winner based entirely on destiny; it is just a gaming fallacy given to lottery newbies.

This was part of the lottery-style game, so the next time you believe your luck is bad, try playing the other way – because you were upsetting the game’s odds.



Choose lottery wins with low payouts.

The more people who play a lottery, the less likely you will win. Well-known lotteries with high payouts are attractive to many participants and attract large numbers of entrants.

This is why those lotteries have much bigger pots, which means someone is likely to win – but they’re more likely a foreigner or a member of the nobility than YOU!

Although it’s alluring to pursue these multimillion-dollar rewards, their lesser cousins with smaller sums attached may be the more sensible course of action. Adding these minuscule digits to your ticket will help you win a lot more money and save you a lot on lotteries.



Choose games that provide a second chance.

Second chance lotteries are a way to keep you in the game should you be unlucky the first time around. They’re seen as an opportunity to continue playing; they’re also just found to be pretty cool when it comes to giving players one last shot at something they may have missed out on earlier.

Without knowing if there are actual benefits associated with winning money from these types of lottery-style games, we can look at it from a different lens and at least say that second-chance lotteries seem like good ways for people who might feel like quitting or abandoning hope altogether of other opportunities for potential wins.

On that note, all you need is to believe in your chances and never give up because where there’s a will, there’s also a way. Now go ahead and pick your lottery numbers to match those picked by others who won first place!


Online lottery in Kerala



Wrapping Up

Now that you know the basic idea of an Indian lottery, here are some things to remember when looking for an online lottery service.

The games on offer at the Indian lottery website you choose should be diverse and include plenty of foreign lotteries with high payouts; the customer service should be reliable and responsive (mobile-friendly too); the platform should be user-friendly, fast, and dependable.

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