Royal Panda betting India : Deposit & Withdrawal (Step-by-step)

Royal Panda India deposit & withdrawal

Royal Panda has settled as one of the top contenders among the best online betting sites in India and around the world. They are also known as the dominator of the online casino India market.

The Royal Panda betting India website was established in 2014, and since then, they have achieved great heights, and thousands of players have earned lump sum amounts from the website.

The website offers a wide range of games in various niches and is often recognized as one of the greatest by players across the world.

If you are impressed by the Royal Panda offers and looking forward to trying your luck and skills but wondering how to place a bet on Royal Panda, then you are at the right place. Here we have detailed everything about Royal the Panda deposit methods as well as payment methods, and you can also get a detailed Royal Panda Casino India Review to get more information and tips.

But before we dive into the registration process, let’s go through the basics first.


Is Royal Panda Legal in India?

Any form of gambling is illegal in India under the 1867 ‘Public Gambling Act. Only three states in India are allowed to operate casinos within the state: Sikkim, Goa, and Daman.

But the fun part is, the law is only restricted to offline gambling. So there is no such law that can stop you from online gambling.

Moreover, the IT Act of 2000, which regulates all the online activities in India, has no reference to online betting and gambling, which created a loophole. And online casinos such as Royal Panda are making the most out of it.

So, yes, in short, Royal Panda is legal in India, and you can deposit and withdraw money from Royal Panda without any restriction.

Moreover, there is no need to convert your money from INR to any other currency while depositing the money as Royal Panda accepts deposits through Indian currency.


Royal Panda Sign-up Process

Royal Panda has one of the most user-friendly website designs that you will ever come across. If you have already visited the online bookmaker’s website, you must already know how easy it is to navigate through the games and everything.

And if you haven’t yet visited the website, don’t worry; this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make your online session stress-free. 

Step 1: To sign up on the Royal Panda website, you first need to visit the official website. I know it’s obvious, but we don’t want to skip any step.

Step 2: Next, at the right-hand top corner, you can find a signup button; click on that. This offer is exclusively for new users. Still, if you already have an account on Royal Panda, you can directly log in to your account from the sign-in page.

Step 3: Once you have clicked on the signup button, you will need to choose a username and a password that you will require every time you log in.

Step 4: You need to make sure that it is a unique username. If it shows that the username is already taken, you will need to pick a new one. And it needs to be an eight-character password that must contain at least one upper case character, one special character, and one numerical.

Always ensure to use a strong password so that your account remains safe. Once you accomplish, click on Next.

Step 5: On the next page, a form will pop up where you will need to enter a few personal details like your full name, email id, phone number, address, etc.

Don’t enter any false information as that may result in a permanent ban on your account. The details are required to verify the user as Royal Panda always keeps its platform clean and secure so that users don’t have to worry about their accounts getting hacked.

Step 6: After you have entered the details, click on Next. The next page will ask for a verification code which will be sent to your mobile number and your email id. Check both the platforms for the same.

Step 7: Enter the verification number on both the space and voila! Your free Royal Panda account has been created.

However, you still can’t start betting. To make your first bet, you will need to deposit a minimum sum of money to verify your bank account transaction. Though, the best part is, Royal Panda offers its users lots of bonuses and cash backs.

So, whatever amount you deposit, you will get an equal amount of cash back or bonus in return.

Keep on reading to know how to deposit your Royal Panda account.


How To Deposit Money on Royal Panda?

To make any transaction on Royal Panda, you will first need to deposit money into your account.

Earlier, depositing money on Royal Panda used to be a big deal as the platform only supported international payment methods such as Neteller or Skrill, which used to be a big deal for Indian players.

But, since Royal Panda started accepting deposits with INR and UPI, it has become effortless for anyone to deposit or withdraw money from Royal Panda.

Now, to deposit at Royal Panda, you can use your bank account or your UPI Id.

To deposit money on your royal panda account, click on the button that says deposit money, and select the type of payment method you want to use to make the deposit.

Once you have selected the payment gateway, enter the details of the same and make the deposit. The amount will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours.

If your money is not deposited to your Royal Panda account within 48 hours, then you can always reach out to their 24×7 customer support number, and your problem will be resolved.

Once you have deposited the required amount, make sure that you collect your bonus.

However, you can’t withdraw the bonus amount. To make a withdrawal, you will need to make your first bet or gamble and the amount, and once you win, you can transfer the winning amount to your wallet.

From your wallet, you can either transfer the amount directly to your bank account or bet on another game using that amount.


How to Withdraw Money from Royal Panda in India?

Withdrawing your winnings from Royal Panda is fair and easy.

To make a withdrawal, sign in to your account and go to the “my account” section located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

After clicking on the ‘my account’ button, click on withdraw.

Then you will need to enter the amount that you wish to withdraw from your account. For obvious reasons, ensure that the withdrawal amount is less-or-equal to your total available balance on your Royal Panda wallet.

Once you have selected the amount, click on confirm and then select the payment method.

The best part about Royal Panda is that it allows its customers to make deposits and withdraw with INR. So, you don’t need to worry about paying any exchange rate. You can withdraw the exact amount apart from the bank transaction charges if you are using a bank transfer method.

The minimum amount set on Royal Panda is just 10€, and the maximum is 1,00,000€. However, if the amount is more than 2,330€, Royal Panda might send you mail, or a representative might give you a call to make sure that you are making the withdrawal.

As said above, Royal Panda always wants to keep their platform safe and secure for every player.


Which are the Available Payment Methods at Royal Panda?

 The most common payment methods that you will find at Royal Panda India are:

>Indian NetBanking

 Indian players opt for the Indian NetBanking as it is the faster and easiest process for depositing money.

However, the rest of the payment gateways work just fine. Another payment method that customers choose for depositing or withdrawing money easily from the Royal Panda app is the UPI and PayTM payment process.

Since UPI is connected to your bank and the money is deposited to the Royal Panda platform via the bank, the transaction time is minimum.

It just takes a few minutes to deposit money to your Royal Panda account from your bank account.


1. How To Deposit Money On Royal Panda Via UPI?

To deposit money into your Royal Panda account via UPI, here’s what you need to do.

Once you have clicked on the UPI button, a new window will pop up. Here you can find a type of form where you will need to enter the UPI details, such as:

The transferred amount
The 12-digit transaction number
Screenshot of the transaction

Once you type in all the needed details, you can click on the confirm button, and your money will be safely deposited into your Royal Panda account.


2. How to Deposit Money On Royal Panda Via Indian Net Banking?

The fastest and easiest way to transfer any amount to your Royal Panda account is via online bank transfer.

The deposit process for online banking is similar to the UPI transaction process. However, when using the online bank transfer option, the amount is transferred almost instantly and doesn’t procure any transaction charges.

To deposit via online banking, search for “IMPS” under the deposit option. This will slide you to a new window.

Here you can find the Indian banking details of Royal Panda. Fill up all the required details and press the deposit option. The minimum amount needed to make a transaction via the Indian net banking app is 2000.

Here are the transaction-related details that you will need to fill up.

a) The amount you want to deposit
b) Your bank account number
c) Your phone number
d) The 12-digit transaction number

Once you type in all the required details, you can press the Confirm button, and it will take seconds to validate the transaction, and that’s it. Your money is safely deposited into your account.


Royal Panda At Its Best

Royal Panda is recognized as one of the most secure and favourite online betting and gambling apps. Not only because it offers a wide range of sports betting and online casino games to its customers but also for the easy deposit and withdrawal options available on their website.

If you still haven’t registered, sign up today to experience the best of online gambling with Royal Panda India.

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