1XBET App Download guide 2023 (APK): Learn all about the app!


The 1XBET app download and installation process is very easy, secure and free.


In this page we’ll teach you how to download the 1XBET APK file and the installation process for both android and IOS. Enjoy!



To skip the guide and get the 1XBET app now for free :





1XBET APK download 2022



1XBET App download  & installation guide (2023) – Quick intro



As one of the top online betting & casino brands in the world, 1XBET is offering you a world of good.


Be it sport betting, casino games and slots games – 1XBET has it all and you are invited to check our full 1XBET review in India for a full writeup on the brand as a whole.


As a well renowned brand 1XBET is well aware that betting & casino enthusiasts often prefer to do it on their mobile, so in addition to a great desktop and mobile browser based online platform they have a fantastic dedicated 1XBET mobile app for mobile users.


This app is providing a quicker, better looking and smoother mobile experience and is a slicker and more convenient way to use 1XBET’s fantastic casino and betting options.



Here’s a quick summary of 1XBET’s pros and cons of the mobile app:




Lighter and faster betting experience


➕ Very secure


➕ Easier to deposit through


➕ All of 1XBET best features in dedicated mobile app


➕ Very quick to install and sign up


➕ Logging in to the platform is automatic after installing




➖ No apparent cons.




As you can see, the pros greatly outweigh non-existing cons so it’s highly recommended to download and install the app on your mobile.


The next section will show directly how to do it.








The 1XBET download process – General notes


In general, the download process for the app on either IOS or Android mobile is very easy.


You click on one of the orange buttons on this page to get to the official 1XBET download page of the app and from there you’ll be able to easily download and install the app. 


However, the download and installation process is a little different for each mobile operation system so this guide’s purpose is to help you to do download and install the app as fast and as easy as possible.







1XBET App Download For Android


It is very easy to download the 1XBET Android app, here’s how to do it:


1. When browsing on your mobile android device, just click on one of the orange buttons on this current page to get to the app download page for Android.


2. When on the download page, a small pop up below the page will be available with the download link for the 1XBET APK.


3. Click the “INSTALL” or “Download App” buttons on the pop-up and the 1XBET APK download will start, should take not more than 1-2 minutes to download the file.


4. Once the file is fully downloaded, it’s time to install the APK file.


1XBET APK download







How to install the 1XBET app on Android

After the download of the 1XBET APK file is finished  it’s time to install the app on your mobile.


There are also instructions on the official 1XBET download page if you press the green Android button but we have listed them here for you as well:


1. Open the downloaded APK file.


2. After opening the APK file, you might get an error message that basically remarks that your mobile isn’t allowed to install unknown apps, if not the process will go directly to point 4.


3. If this error comes you will be shown a settings button, click it and you will be directed to the relevant settings section, tick it to allow installation from unknown sources/files.


4. After ticking it go back to the file and the actual app installation will take place.


5. Your 1XBET App is now installed on your Android mobile, access it, register quickly and let the fun begin.


1XBET app install android








1XBET App Download For IOS



It is very easy to install the app via your Apple mobile device, here’s how:


1. Click one of the orange buttons on this page to access the official app download page.


2. Click the green IOS button to get to the app download and install screen.


3. Permit geolocation data if required by the app.


4. Download and install the app and once the installation is done the 1XBET app will be ready for you to use. Enjoy!


1XBET APP IOS download and install






How to sign up 1XBET through the App


After the installation of the app, you need complete the 1XBET sign up process to start betting and playing casino games.



Here’s how to sign up quickly:


1. Enter the app and click the big green “REGISTRATION” button on the top of the screen.


2. Choose your favorite registeration option.


3. Fill in the required details including our JACKPOTKING promo code and then press the green REGISTER button at the end of the screen.


4. You are now a registered player and can play and bet on the 1XBET app.


Check our full guide on how to register on 1XBET for full information on how to sign up and our dedicated guide on how to login to 1XBET








Use our special JACKPOTKING promocode for a great bonus boost!


As mentioned before, we highly recommend you to fill in our JACKPOTKING promo code once registering to the app.


This special promocode grants you 30% extra credits on your 1XBET bonuses for free, for example the sports 100% bonus up to ₹20,000 becomes up to ₹26,000 welcome bonus with our JACKPOTKING promo code, read more about it on our 1XBET promotional code guide.

Using this code is free and highly recommended and you are invited to use it when registering to the app.







1XBET app (APK) download 2023 – Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Yes, there is an available 1XBET app for PC.


If you have desktop or a laptop you can fully enjoy all of what 1XBET has to offer either through the 1XBET browser platform or through a dedicated desktop app called 1XWIN.


There is also a dedicated 1XBET app for mac desktops. You can download those apps from the 1XBET official website, under Apps ⇒ Windows in the bottom of each page.

Of course, the 1XBET APK is available for free.

The 1XBET app download for Android is actually super easy! Read this page to learn exactly how to do it.

Yes, the 1XBET APK file is totally safe to use as it comes directly from 1XBET.

The APK download for Android is very short, not more than 1-2 minutes.

Yes, the 1XBET Android app is super quick, fast and slick making it much more fun to use.

The 1XBET app for India is basically the same as normal app, just download the APK file from the download page after clicking one of the orange buttons on this page.


After installing and signing up from India, the app automatically switch to the India app mode.

Yes, the app is available for players from many countries, not only India. 


Please check the official 1XBET site to see if your country is one of the authorized countries.

The official 1XBET app link is available by clicking on one of the orange buttons on this page.





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