IPL Betting Online in India (2023): Easy IPL Satta guide


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Learn about online Satta IPL and Pick a Favourite IPL Betting App


Online Favourite IPL Betting App


Betting excitement reaches an all-time high in India once IPL betting online starts, this includes fans using their IPL betting app most. It’s an online IPL betting frenzy as each cricket supporter wants to make the most of the online satta IPL season.

Every year cricket enthusiasts enthusiastically await the return of the IPL, the Twenty20 league takes place from March to May and runs over seven weeks. The Indian Premier League brings with it seven weeks of cricket betting on matches, which means an array win potential.




IPL Betting at Jackpotking.in


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The Jackpotking guide is for everyone keen to get involved with online IPL betting. We not only offer you all the information you need about IPL cricket betting. But also simplify betting to ensure you get in on the most exciting cricket action of the year.

First of all, you need to register at a reliable, trustworthy online casino and betting site. Our highly experienced team are as passionate about cricket as any fan. After visiting and reviewing hundreds of online gambling operators these are the casinos and sportsbooks that offer you a great sports betting experience.


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Basic Guide to IPL Betting Online


Basic Guide to IPL Betting Online
What makes IPL betting online, so enthusing is that eight teams partake in the tournament. Each of the teams in the tournament represents one of eight different India cities and go head-to-head to win the biggest prize in cricket. The largest prize in T20 cricket can reach up to ₹200,000,000!

The league stage of the IPL could be played in Double Round Robin format, which means each of the teams face each other twice. What further increase the popularity of the IPL is that each team get the opportunity to play Infront of their home crowd. Every team plays a match in their city, which means they get to be the home team. Every team also play the other team on their ground, which makes them the away team.

What further increases online satta IPL betting opportunities is that the four top teams face each other in the playoffs. From here the two teams at the top plays off in the first qualifier event, with the winner entering the final. The losing team gets an extra chance to make the final when it faces the winner of the other two teams. This is the winner of the elimination round played between the teams qualifying in the third and fourth positions.


Tips to Make Your Online Satta IPL Experience more Effective


Tips for Online IPL BattingThe IPL offers supporters a whole range of betting opportunities, follow the Jackpotking tips to make the most of your online satta IPL experience. Whether you use an IPL betting app or prefer IPL betting online, there are several ways to gain an edge in IPL betting. Deciding your strategy earlier on can be a great help, here are some free tips to get your online IPL betting started.


· Set Your IPL Betting Budget

Way before you start analysing teams or what you should bet on, work out how much money you can set aside for betting. Keeping to your budget is vital to your success. Online betting on the IPL requires you to deposit funds before it is possible to place your bets. If you know your budget upfront you can enjoy IPL betting responsibly.


· Study Online IPL Betting Odds

With setting a reasonable budget out the way it is time to focus on online IPL betting odds. It is best to first research and gets familiar with the IPL online odds since it directly affects the profits you can make from winning bets.

Here is an easy Jackpotking example that guides you if you’re unfamiliar with online betting odds:

Let’s say you decide to place a bet worth ₹1,000 on an Indian team to win and the odds are 1.72. If you win you get ₹1,720, this includes your original bet of ₹1,000 plus your winnings worth ₹720. Remember your winnings is your odds minus your stake. Although, on the other side, should you lose you will forfeit the amount you bet no matter the odds.


· Weather Conditions Contributes to the Enjoyment of the Eventful IPL Season

The IPL league is busy, exciting, eventful and only runs for seven weeks. But during this time there is always something sensational to get involved with, in total there are 60 matches. At the same time there is plenty to bet on, runs, innings and so much more that it is impossible for any cricket enthusiast to ever get bored.

Apart from it all you also need to check the weather forecast constantly before you place your bet. As a matter of fact, cricket is a sport that is most certainly affected by the weather. For example, an overcast could favour the team that is bowling, while a sunny day could be beneficial to the batsmen. The chance of a draw is higher when it rains since it means less cricket might be played on the day.

When you evaluate all information, you gathered about the teams, do remember to check the daily weather forecast. The country’s climate also influences conditions, if the sun sets early, a lack of time could affect the game. In countries where the sunlight continues until as late as 9 pm, the chance of a full game taking place increases.


· A Good IPL Betting App Makes It Easier to Know the IPL Teams

Betting profitably and properly on IPL requires a lot of research, which could be more convenient via a good IPL betting app. With a ton of research, your bets might be nothing but guesses, which hardly ever works well.

Most importantly you need to research the teams taking part in the league. This involves studying each team’s weaknesses, strengths and how each team performed during other tournaments.

You might wonder where to find all the information, a great way to find out more about the team is to review the T20 statistics of each player. You’ll easily find loads of information online about both batting and bowling averages. It enables you to recognize player and most of all team trends.


· Five Most Recent IPL Winners

When you consider your betting strategy it is important to take past performance into account. The most recent winners across the past five years could be a great start:


Winning Team Year
Mumbai Indians 2019
Chennai Super Kings 2018
Mumbai Indians 2017
Sunrisers Hyderabad 2016
Mumbai Indians 2015


Three of the events in the past five years was won by the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings come in 2nd twice and won once. Sunrisers Hyderabad won in 2016 and was also the runner-up in 2018.

You can clearly see that there is a trend when it comes to teams reaching the finals year after year. It is always wise to keep an eye on the strongest performers, it could help you with your betting strategy. While you judge each team on their league performance, it is always wise to keep the top performers of previous years in mind.


· Use Live IPL Betting Online to Your Advantage

Live IPL betting online enables you to place bets during cricket matches in real-time. This means it is not necessary to place your bet until the match begins, which is why it is also referred to as in-play betting.

Needless to say, live betting on IPL can increase your opportunity to make bigger profits. The odds do shift during the match, plus you could cash out early to enjoy every profitable moment even more.

Live betting offers you an adrenaline-charged experience and keeps you even more engaged during matches. It is challenging and exciting as it requires quick decisions.


· Highly Successful IPL Teams

The most successful team in the history of the IPL is Mumbai Indians, the team with five titles in their name. The two teams most favoured by supporters is the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings.

It makes sense when you take a look at the number of IPL titles held by the two teams. The Chennai Super Kings had three winning seasons, 2010, 2011 and 2018, while the Mumbai Indians had five, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020. In terms of Champions League titles, the two teams are equal, Mumbai Indians have two, 2011 and 2013, Chennai Super Kings has two 2010 and 2014.

What is most interesting is the list of current players that played for both sides:


Name Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings
Dwayne Bravo: 2008 – 2010 2011 – 2015 / 2018 – current
Harbhajan Singh: 2008 – 2017 2018 – current
Ambati Rayudu: 2010 – 2017 2018 – current
Karn Sharma: 2017 2018 – current
Josh Hazlewood: 2015 2020 – current


Individual Records for Most Runs

Name Number of Runs Period
Virat Kohli: 5,878 2008 – 2020
Suresh Raina: 5,368 2008 – 2019
David Warner: 5,254 2009 – 2020
Rohit Sharma: 5,230 2008 – 2020
Shikhar Dhawan: 5,197 2008 – 2020

Jackpotking Betting Tips & IPL Betting Markets


Betting Tips & IPL Betting Markets

The great thing about the Jackpotking IPL betting tips is that you can apply and combine them across all IPL betting markets. Some of your bets will still be based on luck, which is also part of what makes it exciting to use a great IPL betting app. On the other hand, there are several markets in which research and strategy give you a better success rate.

The leading betting market is the Ultimate Winner of the IPL. This comes from daily IPL match betting leading you to decide and bet on the team that wins the match. Top Team Batsman is also part of the main betting markets in which you get to bet on the top run-scorer of the tournament. Apart from the betting markets already mentioned there are also others such as total wickets, total ducks, total runs and total wides.

Most of all Jackpotking wants you to be ready for the next IPL online cricket betting season. The IPL is a unique and fun tournament to follow, watch and bet on, it also offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy a profit. Whether you want to go with IPL betting online or use a great IPL betting app. We wish you a great online IPL betting experience, which ultimately means phenomenal success with your online satta IPL.

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