Get to know the poker types - Learn about texas Holdem poker online , 3 card poker online and more for real money in India


Played in several tournaments including the World Series of Poker, Texas Hold’em poker online is the most popular poker variance. Learning this phenomenal game is easy, its multiple betting rounds and esoteric vocabulary could make it seem difficult at first.

Whether you love to play 3 Card Poker online real money in India, short deck poker or high stakes poker. Some prefer the excitement of Omaha Poker, although, it often depends on what motivates you to play online poker. There are three main types of poker players including those aiming to take it all the way to pro level. Others are motivated by winning real money and then there are the fun-loving poker players.

The Jackpotking.in guide aims to prepare you for all players you might meet during online poker. When you’re familiar with the three types you are better equipped to deal with them.


“Texas Hold’em Poker online might take only a moment to learn, although it takes a lifetime to master”

Getting to Know the Different Poker Player Types (just an idea)


  • The fun-loving poker players truly love the game & enjoy the excitement and socializing. They are not experts when it comes to the rules and normally makes small bets.
  • Pro level is not what the win-inspired player is after, they focus on winnings real money. They prey on the weak to try and ensure financial gain. They have a well-laid plan; they are often the ones ready to outsmart most players.
  • The poker players who love a challenge get their thrill from strategizing. It’s the calculated player aiming to become the best player possible. Growth is their motivation and they live to learn more and take their game to the next level.
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Let Play Texas Hold’em Poker Online

The most popular poker variation around the world is Texas Hold’em. Jackpotking.in takes you on an exciting journey and guides through the rules and options, while giving you a few tips along the way.

  • The goal is to beat all opponents by holding the best hand or bluff
    your way to a win. Let’s focus on the rules and learn to play, bluffing
    only works well once you have more experience.


  • Played with a 52-card standard deck, the game is played with four suits, including spades, diamonds, club and hearts, each has 13 cards. Each deck consists of several cards with face values from two to ten, plus an ace, king, jack and queen. The ace multi-functions as either a card higher as the king or lower as the two.


  • The dealer deals one card at a time clockwise; all participants get two face-down cards at the start, (called ‘hole cards).
    During several betting rounds, five more cards are dealt in the middle of the table, face up. (called community cards). These players are free to use in combination with their two ‘hole card to create a five-card poker.

Texas Hold’em Poker Online Stages

  • Once all participants have two ‘hole cards, the betting takes place.Players have three choices in Texas Hold’em poker online
    • Match the big blind
    • Increase bet within game limits
    • Game end and you can no longer win


  • After the first preflop round ends, dealing of the three community cards take place. Betting options include bet, fold, raise or call, plus players can use the check option if no betting takes place beforehand. Check means the betting action passes to the next participant.


  • The turn refers to the dealing of the fourth face-up community card. Options include raise, fold, call, bet or check.


  • The river is the name of the fifth face-up dealt community card. Player action includes raise, fold, call, bet or check.


  • All players show the cards they hold, this action is referred to as the showdown, and in this round, the winner is determined.


“Players create the best five-card hand from seven available cards”

Play 3 Card Poker Online Real Money in India / Teen Patti


Loved for its fast pace, Teen Patti is one of the most exciting 3 card poker online real money games originating in India.

Uncomplicated rules make this poker version suitable to players across all levels.

Played with a 52-card deck without any jokers the goal is to create the highest-ranked hand.

All bets are equal, and players need to match the highest bettor, which is one of the main reasons why players love to play 3 card poker online real money in India.


“Perfection means you’re doing your best in Omaha Poker
Confidence is knowing exactly how to deal with the worst”

Experience the Joy of Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is gaining popularity as one of the most enjoyable online poker variations. The goal is to get the best hand from a combination of ‘hole and community cards during multiple betting rounds.

The betting options include call, check, raise, all in and fold.


  • Matching or raising the bet by other players


  • Increasing your exiting bet size in the same betting round


  • Sacrificing your bets by withdrawing


  • Declining to make a bet and reserving the right to bet during the round


  • Placing a bet with all the chips you have left when you can’t match other players bets As easy as it is to learn, this fast-paced game requires your full attention due to its constant action. Perfect for players wanting to enjoy a high stakes poker challenge the specific rules in Omaha Poker demand 110% concentration.


“Because of all the action and fun, Short Deck Poker is gaining huge popularity”


Short Deck Poker Favoured Amongst High Rollers



Gaining significant momentum in the online gambling world, Short Deck Poker tournaments are the most favored by high stakes players in Manila, Hong Kong and Macau.

Played with a deck stripped from all the small cards, it is known for appealing to poker aficionados with deep pockets.

What makes Short Deck Poker so unique is the 36-card deck it is played with, fives, fours, threes and deuces are removed.

At the start all participants receive two ‘hole cards, three community card rounds follow, each with betting after.

Suited cards are valuable since flush beats a full house, it’s a poker variant that encourages betting and ensures exciting play.

Get Ready for the 7 Card Stud Poker Challenge


Strategically challenging, 7 Card Stud Poker appeals to a wide audience of poker enthusiasts. It is known as the poker variant that improves participants focus, patience and discipline.
Players can view more than half the opponent’s hand, which takes a part of the guessing out of the game. One of the most important skills you’ll learn is to memorize the discarded cards, it’s a way of knowing the odds of making your hand slimmer.


Mastering Badugi Poker

When it comes to poker variants, the most unique of all is Badugi Poker, origination in Asia. The draw poker also known as padooki, paduka or badougi has similar hand values to lowball, while it is also similar to triple draw. Favored by those who enjoy high stakes poker the last player has a great opportunity to bluff after seeing the actions of others. Loved for its fun side, Badugi keeps gaining popularity amongst poker fan.


If you haven’t tried any or all of the most popular poker versions yet, Jackpotking.in invites you to any one of our best online casinos to try them all for yourself. Regardless of the variant, you prefer, all have one thing in common, poker requires patience, intelligence and psychological insight. The rewards most certainly excel the effort, practice is key!

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