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Jackpotking understands your love for the popular online roulette game fueled by your desire to win. We compiled all the information you need to play online real money roulette effectively. Jackpotking want you enjoy the game while having a realistic chance of winning real money at the same time.


Familiarity with the structure and rules of online money games such as roulette increases your chances of winning. Roulette is one of the online money games that grab hour attention and fascinates us for a lifetime, while others wear off pretty quickly.

Advantages of Playing Roulette at the Best Online Casinos



If there is one game that offers a masterful blend of excitement mingled with simplicity it is online roulette. There are a huge number of advantages you can count on by playing online roulette at our recommended casinos.


First of all, it is the convenience of playing at home or on the go, plus you get to play at the pace you like. The variety of different online roulette game versions are astonishing, and you enjoy a fair gaming experience in a safe and regulated environment.

Have Fun & Enjoy A Fair Chance of Winning at the Best Online Casinos


The online roulette game is one of the online money games that captivations the minds of millions around the world. Winning and losing is part of the irresistible mind game, however, you can increase your profits with patience and practice. While many strategies exist, getting the basics right will help you survive through this extraordinary online money game.


Roulette Basics Increase Your Chances of Winning

  • Most important: Join and Play at the best online gambling site
  • Effective bankroll management is vital
  • Studying the odds and bets are essential
  • Be patient and set available time aside to get familiar with the game
  • Play at free online roulette tables to learn all the different online roulette variations
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Roulette A Game of Strategy or Keeping Your Fingers Crossed

For every player that believes roulette is a game of pure luck, there are two who insist that strategy increase winning chances. Arguably, roulette is the casino favorite that inspires the most strategies. You can test and try all without paying by playing free online roulette tables until you find the one that works for you. Pick the best roulette strategy from our list of the most popular that also shows the player type that gains most from it.


Best Roulette Strategy & Who Benefits


  • Martingale – Favoured by High Rollers: By following the Martingale system, you would double your bet every time you lose. There’s a theory behind this betting system, that when you eventually win, you can recover your losses and enjoy a profit.


  • The Fibonacci system is probably the most interesting in which you need to use a sequence of numbers. Each bet you place is the sum of the two stakes that you placed before. This sequence increases by a number every time you lose, but what happens when you win, you go back two places.


  • With the Labouchere strategy, you need to increase your stake once you lose a bet. It also includes setting a goal of how much you wish to profit. To ensure the effectiveness of the strategy you would divide your goal into smaller amounts.


  • When you decide to use the Paroli system, you’d need to double your wager every time you win. You need to continue with doubling until you enjoyed three consecutive wins. With this system, you do not double your stake after a losing spin.



Worst Online Roulette Game Strategies


Jackpotking also lists the worst strategies to ensure you avoid the following bad habits. We aim to arm you with information that increases your enjoyment while enjoying many variants of the popular online roulette game. Free online roulette tables stay the best way to experiment with different strategies.


  • Most certainly one of the most aggressive approaches. The 666 strategy requires you to bet on as many numbers as you can at the same time. The whole idea behind this system is that the more numbers you’re cover, the higher are the chances of profiting. It is called the 666, since the numbers on the wheel add up to 666, although in general, the outcome is a loss.


  • Many believe it is possible to find some kind of pattern in roulette. Although, it is by far the most useless exercise. What makes this an absolute practice is that all online casinos do use random number generators. The outcome of each spin is random, which completely void the existence of mathematical formulas.

Interesting Online Roulette Game Facts & Tips


  • Roulette, either in live or non-live online version, is an equal opportunity game, despite the belief that it is a male-dominated game, female players equal 46%
  • On average the wheel in roulette wheel spins 40 times in an hour. If you set aside two hours of playtime, you need to make sure you could survive at least 80 spins
  • Originating from the 18th century, roulette was inspired by a game called Roly-Poly
  • The number 17 is not only favored by James Bond, but also the number that is most commonly played in online roulette
  • Chances of hitting the same color in Roulette ten times is a row is 1 in 1,024
  • The record of hitting the same number consecutively in roulette belongs to Las Vegas. Seven times in a row the ball landed on number 19, the odds of that happening are 1 in 3 billion
  • The roulette wheel is made of either plastic or ivory, it halts in pockets separated by small walls called frets
  • California Roulette uses cards to decide the winning number, it was designed this way to bypass anti-gambling laws
  • The metal figurine used to mark winning numbers in roulette is called a dolly
  • Your chance of winning is 47.37% when you bet on black
  • Regards the roulette version you play; the numbers always add up to 666
  • Free online roulette tables are the most valuable tool available at online casinos


Jackpotking wants you to remember that strategies focus on minimising your online roulette losses by improving your chances to win. There is no strategy that can teach you how to win every time in online roulette. Knowing all the different bet options, roulette variations and odds and choosing a top online casino helps you to make informed betting decisions.

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