Football Betting guide India – Learn about football betting, bet on an app or with one of the best sport betting sites


Football betting is extremely popular in India and therefore the best football prediction site is the one offering real football prediction. Due to its popularity, the best sports betting sites also offer members access to an extremely easy to use football betting app.

Ask any football fan why they love the sport and you’ll soon learn that football is a sport that speaks a language of its own. Fans communicate without speaking the same language.


“Football is a Sport Loved by the Entire Universe”


In terms of the beauty of the game, the football field is an empty canvas before the players enter to paint a spectacle that stuns.
Fans watch intelligent athleticism combining with the elegance of true skill.
But the true beauty of football not only lies on the field but more in its impact globally and on every individual.
It’s a game that brings out our emotions - we feel joy when our team scores a try, we feel angry when there’s an error and even hate when we spot foul play from the opposite team.
Soon all emotions turn into excitement as your favorite player gets the ball and run. Guides You Towards the Best Sports Betting Sites


Our goal at is to guide everyone towards the best sports betting sites. At the best online football betting sites, it is possible to truly enjoy the sport that unites us all. Our team left absolutely no stone unturned in finding our Indian players the very best Indian sports betting sites. Only football betting sites meeting our strict criterion appear on our list, which means you can expect great services in terms of:

  • Secure & Fast Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Best Football Odds
  • Fantastic Promotions & Free Bet Offers
  • Live Streaming & Betting
  • Reliable Security & Responsible Gambling
  • Remarkable 24/7 Support
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Sign-Up, Grab Your Sports Bonus & Start Using the Best Football Betting App Today!


Once the football season is in full swing you won’t find a better time to start using the best football betting app. The game is called football because the player kicks the ball with is foot. Although the game is called soccer in Japan, America, Oceania, Korea and South Africa.
Whether you plan to bet on the English Premier League or the Champions League, you could make a profit. If you use an online site that offers you real football predictions, you can trust. The trick is no to predict the match-winner but to find sure and that gives you real football prediction that has value.

To make football betting as convenient as possible for you, recommend sports betting sites that offer great welcome bonuses. To claim any one of these remarkable offers you need to register a new account. To activate the bonus, you need to make your first deposit, which not only offers you access to great betting. But, also to an array of betting tips and football predictions.


Fans have different backgrounds so do players, Football makes Neighbours of Individuals


Coin toss and the match starts!

Before a football game starts the referee and the two captains (one of each team) meet. This meeting is to decide the starting team via a coin toss, the winning team can choose to kick or receive, while the other team can select which goal they want to defend.
After the coin toss the match starts and the fun begins!

The Game of Football Explained


Football is played with an inflated white ball and the match takes place between two teams. Each team consisting of 11 players, all trying to get the ball into the goal of the other team and defend their own goal from the attacks of the rival. The winner of the match is the team that managed to score the highest number of goals.
Football has many rules and regulations and the referee of the game is in charge of the decisions regarding the whole match.
The game finishes after 90 minutes (45 minutes each half) + extra time, and the possible results for each team can be a draw, a loss or a win.


There are Five basic skills all football players master:

  • Dribbling, first touch and ball control – All essential in controlling the ball
  • Passing, vital in keeping ball possession and team passing movements
  • Receiving the ball only using your feet is a reel skill which is important in football
  • Shooting, one-pass shooting ensures accuracy in football
  • Defending against your opponent team when they have the ball, individually and as a team


There are much more aspects to game – both simple and complicated, and that’s what makes football so fun to watch and so popular around the globe.

What Indian Sports Enthusiasts Can Expect from the Best Football Prediction Site


Any sports enthusiast wants to join the best football prediction site, it offers access to live and in-play football betting. The benefit of live betting in football is that it enables you to predict the game as it progressed in real-time. It’s no longer a match in which you just predict the winner.

In so many instances the football matches turn around. With the latest football betting app, you get to bet when it counts most, at those critical moments. It massively counts in your favour and could put a fortune in your pocket.


Let’s take a look at the most popular live betting markets that are available due to in-play betting:

  • Team to Score Next: Make a correct prediction of who will be the team to score the game’s net goal
  • Next Scoring Method: Predict the way the next goal scoring will take place.
    Guess whether it will be a penalty, header or shot inside the box.
  • Next Player to Score a Goal: Name who the player is that will score via the
    matches next goal. Correct guesses are rewarded via the most generous odds.
  • Goals 1st & 2nd Half: Predict the number of goals each team will score in the
    1st and2nd half.
  • Betting Minute-by-Minute: Loved by all football fans, predict what will happen
    minute-by-minute, will it be a free-kick or goal?


Football betting answers our desire to be part of something Larger than Life

Football Betting & Real Football Prediction Is Super Exciting but Hardly Easy Without Tips


Even when you find and use the best football prediction site, real football prediction may be exciting, but it isn’t easy. It becomes easier with time, it takes effort, analysis and knowing a great deal about the teams. Football betting can be relatively easy, plausible prediction can be another story.


Commonly Used Football Betting Terms

  • Accumulator Bet: Called an “Acca” in most cases, accumulator bets are popular

due to the possibility of higher returns & contains multiple selections.

  • Fulltime / Halftime: A bet that enables you to predict the result at halftime and at the end of the match.
  • Banker: A bet on a sure to win selection is called a banker bet.
  • Stake: The amount of money you wish to use in placing a bet.


Most Popular Types of Football Bets

The most popular types of football bets at sports betting are often those that fall in the safer bet types. The most important tip of all to remember for any beginner is to never pick bets unless you are fully aware of exactly what the bet entails.

  • Double Chance: You pick the double chance bet when you select a team to win, if the team win or ends up in a draw, your bet still wins. As the double chance offers you twice the chance to win, the odds are lower in general on this type of bet.
  • Over / Under: With this bet, the bookmaker marks a certain number of goals. You place a bet in which you predict whether the number of actual goals will be under or over the number.
  • Draw No Bet: It is possible to select a win only or loss bet, in this case, if the match ends in a draw, your bet is cancelled, and you get your stake back.
  • Special Types Of Football Bets: Score cast, goal scorer market, BTTS, Over / Under cards, goals, corners, corner numbers. Heinz bet, lucky 15, yankee, patent and Trixie bet. Other types are bespoke bets, individual player bets: next to be booked, next to assist.

Football Beginners Betting Tips to Remember


Hardly any other sport is as exciting as football when it comes to online betting. It is even more so when you just start betting because you are in most cases already amongst many who bets on football. So, the most challenging of all is also the most important, stay in control!


  • Leave your Heart out of Betting:There is a golden rule that says never allow your heart into betting, only ever bet with your head. What I mean is that you should bet on the team that you think is most likely to win. Never bet on the team that is your favorite or you want to win.
    Remember there is a huge difference between being a fan and being one of the most successful bettors.
  • Greedy Has No Place in Betting:Greed is one of the most common rookie errors in which a beginner breaks his own rules. It is almost always the same pattern, betting more on football than the money set aside. Impulsive is never cool, taking control is.
  • Learn & Benefit from Proven StrategiesRely on the football betting strategies already tested and proven successful by experts.
    Even though you might know all the ins and outs of the game. The first few betting sessions will proof you have much to learn when it comes to betting. Allow time to learn all there is to know about betting and then work on your own strategies. Want You to Succeed from the First Football Bet aims to provide you with information that gives you a better understanding of the game. Details about the best football betting app, that improves your betting success. We guide you in finding the best football prediction site to ensure you access real football prediction that offers you a higher victory rate at top sports betting sites.

Football betting is among the top sports to bet on in India, we at wish you the greatest possible online betting experience and hope to see you return often for more betting tips. Plus, new information on all the sports players from India loves and enjoy most.

Top Reasons Why Online Casinos are Eager to Accept Players from India

The number of people living in India in 2020 comes to 1,380,004,385, making it one of the most lucrative and exciting online casino markets. The gambling industry in India is showing a yearly growth rate of 20%, it is one of the highest around the globe. Online casino and betting sites realized the enormous potential and therefore offer customized deals and games, catering to the specific needs of Indian players.

The main reason for the increase in popularity of games for real money is that it is way more exciting when money is involved. Above all, it is the huge variety of online casino games that fascinates and captivates Indian players. Human behaviour experts agree that casino online gaming indeed helps divert the player’s mind.

jackpotking Researchers expect the number of mobile users will reach 500 million in 2023. Modern technology such as tablets, laptops and smartphones in India opens up online gaming opportunities via a plethora of real money gambling apps. It ensures Indian players enjoy the accessibility they deserve to an array of highly entertaining online games for real money.

India is without a universal gambling law enforcing rules across its entire territory. Governments have the right to decide and the majority lacks in defining conditions making gambling rules transparent or easy to understand. Land-based gambling is exclusive for players in Daman, Goa and Sikkim. Online casinos bring games for real money gambling to each and every household, therefore making it accessible to every player in India.

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