Online Lottery in Kerala: Easy Guide (2023)


Welcome to our guide about online lottery in Kerala! 


Kerala is India’s top lottery state and the first one to allow lottery but it’s illegal to buy Kerala state lottery tickets online.


You can, however, legally play on international online lottery sites from Kerala.


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In this guide we will learn all about Kerala’s online lottery and where are the best sites to play the lottery online from Kerala on 2023. Enjoy!


Online Lottery in Kerala - Main intro




Online lottery ticket purchase in Kerala


While Kerala is India’s first lottery state and the top one when it comes to Indian state government lotteries, it’s not legal to purchase state lottery tickets online.


It is, however, completely safe and legal to buy online lottery tickets in Kerala for international lottery sites and participate in top international online lottery draws with huge jackpots.



Among those draws you can participate in online lottery sites there are:


Lottery Draw Name Biggest Jackpot won
$1.586 Billion
$1.537 Billion
€230 Million
€120 Million
$1,000 a day for life
€209.1 Million
R$263.2 million
€101.7 Million
$111 Million
$107 Million


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Kerala online lottery ticket purchase guide – Step by Step



Purchasing online lottery tickets in Kerala is super easy, but always remember that you can only do it legally at international lottery sites with international lottery draws.



Here’s how to do it:



1️⃣ Choose the lottery site you like the most from our recommended sites list at the top of the page or below.


2️⃣ Register to the site you chose and make a deposit with your favorite payment method (UPI/Paytm/PhonePe/Google-Pay or others).


3️⃣ Select the draw you want to participate in, choose your lucky numbers and finalize buying your lottery ticket.


4️⃣ Wait for the draw results, hopefully you’ll win the jackpot! Good luck!



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On which sites we recommend to play online lottery in Kerala?


Here is the current recommended Kerala lottery sites:

Buy 1 Ticket, Get 2 more FREE!

🟠 A leading top quality lottery brand, perfect for Indian players


The list above always changes and updates, we recommend that you check it every time you want to play online lottery in Kerala to get the most updated info.





So what are my options for playing the lottery in Kerala?



🎫 Physical state lotteries (Paper tickets)


🟡 Legal to play physically, not legal to play state lotteries online.


🟡 To learn more check Kerala’s state lottery below.

🌐 International online lottery sites


🟡 Completely legal and safe to play online.


🟡 Check our current top sites list to choose which site you want to play in.


✅ To learn more about the differences between physical government lottery to international (Offshore) lottery sites please check this specific section in our Online Lottery in India page.





A little bit about Kerala and Kerala’s state lotteries


First of all, some quick interesting facts:



🟡 Kerala is the first state to allow and orgnaize lotteries in India!


🟡 Lottery is huge in Kerala and there are many draws.


🟡 All the state lottery draws are only available physically, you have to buy paper tickets to participate in those.


🟡 You can’t participate in the Kerala state lottery online and can’t book the state lottery tickets online, it’s illegal.



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Kerala, as we mentioned before, is India’s top lottery state and is well known to be the first state to launch a lottery in India.


1️⃣ One of the main reasons of initiating lotteries in Kerala by the government in 1967 was to provide employment for people in the state and boost the state’s finance without creating a burden on the citizens of the state.


2️⃣ An additional reason of creating the Kerala state lotteries was creating a concept of aid and philanthropy. You now know that if you play the Kerala state lotteries you are contributing to the state and its people even if you don’t win the jackpot.


This proved a huge success and Kerala is the top state for lotteries in India and gives the highest jackpots for Indian state lotteries alongside the state of Punjab.





⚫ There are seven weekly Kerala state lottery draws, one for each day of the week – Pournami, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Nirmal, Karunya Plus, and Karunya.


⚫ There is a very popular monthly draw that is called Bhagyamithra that offers a price of up to ₹1 crore(!).


⚫ There are also 6 different yearly Bumper draws that offer huge jackpots, their names are New Year Bumper, Summer Bumper, Vishu Bumper, Monsoon Bumper, Thiruvonam Bumper and Pooja Bumper.


⚫ Kerala’s bumper draws offer the best jackpots among all of India’s state lotteries together with those of Punjab’s!



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Those are some amazing facts that show how much Kerala is a great lottery state. However, it’s still important to know what’s legal and what’s not when playing the lottery from Kerala and we’ll cover that quickly in the next section.




So what’s legal and what’s not in Kerala?




Here is the Kerala lottery legal part summed up for you:


✅ It’s legal to play the Kerala state lotteries physically when buying the tickets from authorized resellers.


⛔ It’s illegal to play or buy Kerala state lottery tickets online.


If you want to play the lottery online, it’s completely legal to play only on international (offshore) websites on top international draws.



If you decided you want to play the lottery online from Kerala, please check our recommended websites for online lottery in Kerala or quickly go to our top site below. 



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Online Lottery in Kerala – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If we speak about Kerala government lottery (State), you can buy the ticket for these draws only physically from resellers that are authorized by the state.


Buying tickets for Kerala state lotteries online is illegal, you can only buy them legally physically.

If we are talking about a Kerala state lottery ticket, the answer is no, it's illegal to buy the tickets online.


You can however, play the lottery online in Kerala from international lottery sites.


Check this page for the list of the sites we recommend.

It's actually super easy to book your online lottery tickets in Kerala, you just have to make sure you are buying them from international sites so you don't break the law.


Check our guide on how to buy the tickets on this current page.

You can easily check your Kerala lottery online result on the lottery site you bought the tickets from.

The current best site for Kerala lottery ticket online booking (2023) is Lottofy, but we encourage you to check our list on this page for the most updated list.

The Kerala lottery online purchase process is super easy and quick, learn exactly how to do it on this page.


It is important to know that we when we speak about Kerala online lottery purchase process, we speak about international l0ttery sites. It's illegal to buy Kerala state lottery tickets online.



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