Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money in India (2023): Easy guide


Play teen patti online in India for real money

तीन पत्ती in English means three cards, most poker players know it as Teen Patti a card game originating in India. Due to its poker influences, it is also known as Flash, Flush or Three Cards Poker.

The name directly relates to the three cards each player gets dealt at the start of the game. The exceptional game is also similar to other popular games such as the British card game, known as Three Card Brag.

Loved for its social influence, the Teen Patti online game in India originates from a game enjoyed by friends and family during festivals such as Diwali.

It enjoyed a favorable increase in popularity since it became available to international players. Today, we can play Teen Patti online with real money from the top online and mobile casinos in India.

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India’s Online Teen Patti Gains Popularity Worldwide


Teen Patti enjoys more popularity than ever due to the arrival of mobile and top online casinos. In the iGaming industry, India is indeed leading in terms of growth, top online casinos are eager to offer gaming services to Indian players. Teen Patti has gone from being the most-played game in India to grabbing the attention of all online poker players around the globe.

Our goal at Jackpotking is to help players to not only learn the rules of Teen Patti. But most of all to enjoy the excitement of this highly enjoyable game. Our guide highlights the fun aspects and focuses on how easy it is to play this remarkable poker variant. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to enjoy Teen Patti Online at one of our recommended online casinos.


“Bet You! You’ll Love Every Second of Your Online Teen Patti Real Money Experience”

Let’s Enjoy the Exciting Side of Playing Teen Patti Online

Once you know how to play Teen Patti, you’ll realize its winning combinations varies vaguely from poker due to the number of cards. Although, the main winning combination remains the same in Teen Patti.
The Teen Patti online game is easy to understand due to its uncomplicated rules. The only cards partaking in a round are the three cards you hold and that of the dealer. The dealer must hold a Queen or higher to qualify. Players join by placing their first bet, referred to as an ‘ante’.


Three cards are dealt once the betting close, the dealer’s cards stay undisclosed. As a player you decide to play or not, based on the cards you hold, and whether it could beat that of the dealer. If you decide to play online Teen Patti for real money, your bet is 1x your ‘ante’. Only then the dealer’s cards are revealed and the better hand wins.



  • Create the best 3 card poker hand, while increasing the pot before the game comes to an end.
  • Played with a 52-card pack with jokers removed, Teen Patti starts with players betting a fixed amount before any cards are dealt.
  • Once all players hold three cards, they can raise or call. All bets in the game are equal if a player makes a bet of 3 coins and the next bets 4 coins, the earlier player have to add a coin.As play continues, players push up the betting amount that ensures the cash amount grows and the highest hand wins.

Learn the Basics of Teen Patti & Become A Fan for Life

All you really need to motivate you to try the online Teen Patti is the basics of the game. The ante is a blind bet, which intrigue poker players who live for the next challenge. The play part continues for as long as players keep betting, the game ends when just one or two are left.



  • The bet you make before the game starts is the ‘ante’. In online play, it simply requires you to choose your chip value and click on “bet” before the timer runs out.
  • After placing the ‘ante’ play takes place when the regular betting starts. It is often the player’s faces that tells the tale of the cards they hold. It might not be the cards you hold that inspires you or withholds from play. But, how well you read the expressions of your fellow players in live online Teen Patti.
  • In terms of excitement you can either look at your cards or simply play blind without looking at your cards. There is also no limit on the number of turns you wish to bet blind. It all comes down to the size of the stack on the table, when it gets too high, players will feel the pressure to view their hand.
  • The betting in Teen Patti continues until everyone folds except one. Called the surviving player, he or she wins no matter the cards they hold. Should two players remain in play and one decides to pay for a show, both hands are exposed. The hands are then compared to find the winner.
  • When it is your turn you can ask the previous player to do a side pot. This takes place after you and the previous player already saw your hands. A side pot takes place between you and the player who played last. It can only take place if and when the other player accepts.
  • A show takes place when only two participants remain in the game. If both surviving players hold equal hands in a show, the one who did not pay wins.


“Various winning outcomes add excitement to every Teen Patti online game round”

Online Teen Patti Betting Options

As with many other poker games available at our top online gambling sites, it is often the betting options that keeps the game interesting. There is no doubt that you will enjoy every second of the game once you know how to play Teen Patti.



  • Three cards of the same suit, should two players hold flushes the hand with the highest card wins. If these match the hand ranking takes place on the next highest card. Should this fail, hands get ranked according to suit
  • Two same rank cards, if two players both have pairs the hand with the higher value wins. If both have the same value, the third card value decides the winner
  • A hand holding Ace, King and Queen
  • Also called a sequence or round, a hand holding consecutive cards from different suits
  • Three same suit consecutive cards
  • Three same value cards, the lowest being twos and the highest Aces


“Throw the Jokers aside this is Teen Patti, an exciting poker variation”

Online Teen Patti Real Money Side Bets


  • Three plus three side bets, out of the cards of the player and dealer, meaning 6 cards in total: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit
  • Hand holding three cards, two of one rank and one of another
  • Four of the kind combination from six cards made up of player’s and dealer cards


If two players hold a flush, the player with the high card wins if both hands match the next highest card are counts. If still, the hands of the two players match, the third cards get compared, if players still have the same card values, hands are ranked according to suite. In such a case spades rank first and clubs rank last.


Playing online Teen Patti is fun and exciting, many consider it a game of luck. Although the more you know the easier it is to turn Teen Patti in your favour. It’s a game that requires balance, one in which you study the playing pattern, expressions and behaviour of your opponents. Keep your own emotions neutral, if you hold a good hand don’t be in a hurry to increase your bet. Stay patient and calm, allow the pot to grow, those with weaker hands will fold. invites you to learn how to play Teen Patti at any one of our endorsed online casinos. Due to its increasing popularity, online Teen Patti for real money is also available in live casino. Don’t delay, enjoy Teen Patti online play today!

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