Best Online Cricket Betting Sites India (2023)


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⇑ Current Jackpotking’s top 3 online cricket betting sites in India (2023) – For the other top betting sites we like please check below 


Best Online Cricket Betting Sites India

Welcome to the action-packed world of online best cricket betting sites in India, find out more about the convenience of cricket betting apps. Jackpotking offers you the cricket online betting tips you need to take your cricket Satta experience to exciting new heights.

Over the past decade, India appeared as the cricketing superpower of the world. If there is one thing that bonds the heart and soul of the country together it is cricket, including IPL betting. With thousands of supporters, most enthusiastic devotees, the sport has charmed the nation. So much so that even travel arrangements and activities get rescheduled to accommodate match times.

The sport loved by all attracts huge sponsor interest, some go as far as saying each match is an online cricket betting ritual. Understandably, India reached the level of unity it always dreamt about via a mutual love for cricket. There are other very popular sports to bet on in India such as football, Kabaddi, horse racing, and tennis, but cricket is the undeniable king.
Jackpotking not only share the passion of every cricket supporter. We feel it is our duty to guide and provide you with valuable tips.



Finest Online Cricket Satta Websites

Online Cricket Betting Sites


Jackpotking carefully hand-picked trustworthy licensed online gambling sites that are well worth your trust when it comes to the best cricket betting sites in India.

Casinos and betting sites on our list place your safety first and offer exceptional services in terms of compatible odds and valuable bonuses. Apart from convenience, a generous welcome bonus, and regular promotions it is loyalty rewards that make membership worthwhile.

Top Online Cricket Betting Sites India

Apart from our current top 3 cricket betting websites, here are more top cricket betting operators in India

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Five Main Cricket Formats


Guide for Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is not only hugely popular in India but also the second most supported sport globally, after football. Online betting makes it easier for die-hard fans to follow cricket results and support their favorite team or player. Jackpotking guides you through five formats that could better your chances of making a profit from cricket Satta online in India.


  • Played over 5 days, test cricket is the oldest form of the sport, it offers
    either team has the potential to win or the match could end in a draw
  • Matched played in a single day with 50 overs per team, hugely popular since the 1970s
  • Test matches played across five days between international sides
  • Mostly part of multi-team tournaments or a series played between international sides
  • Global spectacular involving international main club tournaments.

Top Twenty20 Tournaments Ensuring Exciting Cricket Satta


Online Cricket Betting with Jackpot King

The ODI’s, T20’s and test matches ensure everyone dedicated to cricket has plenty of opportunities to indulge in cricket Satta. This is the playing field of cricket legends such as Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Sourav Ganguly.


The Indian Premier League is the largest and creates a six-week frenzy every year from April to May. The IPL ensures a massive yearly growth in online and mobile betting enjoy all the more reasons why every fan needs a great cricket betting app.


  • Bangladesh Premier League

Since 2012 the BPL is the second most popular league in India and takes place across November and December.


  • Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League is an exciting new addition to the top cricket tournament since 2016, it takes place in Pakistan every February.

You Need A Great Cricket Betting App for Major ODI Tournaments and International Tests Cricket


Cricket Betting in India

During international tests and tournaments, you will find your mobile cricket betting app is super useful. Being able to place mobile bets during these major events helps you to keep up with all the actions. The user-friendly interface of mobile apps ensures fast, betting while you can enjoy live streaming of your favorite matches on your mobile.


  • ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The ICC Men’s World Cup is the international Twenty20 championship tournament. The 16 participating teams include the 10 top international teams plus 6 T20 World Cup qualifiers.

  • ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

The ICC Men’s 50 Overs World Cup is the most viewed sports event around the globe. It takes place every four years and is scheduled to take place in India in 2023.

  • ICC World Test Championship

August 2019 marks the start of the ICC World Test Championship, which is a league for test cricket. West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand, India, England, Bangladesh, and Australia are the nine participating teams.

Highly Popular Online and Mobile Cricket Bets


Popular Online and Mobile Cricket Betting Sites in India
The cornerstone of great cricket online betting tips is match betting, while other popular bets include props, series winner, and outright winner bets. Whether you’re a veteran or novice to top sports betting sites India, there is always room for improvement. Jackpotking not only lists the most popular but also a few of the other bets favored by cricket supporters.


  • The most straightforward bet in which you need to select one of three
    outcomes, home team win, visiting team win, or the match ends in a draw.
  • Predicting the team that will be the winner of a series of different matches. Do remember that you need to select the team you think will win the entire series instead of a single match.
  • One-day match also offers a bet on whether the game would finish in
    a day or not. It is basically a yes/no bet.
  • Another uncomplicated bet in which you predict if the match will end in a tie or not.
  • Predict the correct number of runs in the match’s first innings. Most sportsbooks list this as an over/under bet, in which case the sportsbook posts the number of runs and you bet if it would be over or under that number.
  • For this player-specific bet you need to predict which player will score the highest number of goals in the series or match.
  • Picking the exact player could be tricky, which makes the team in which the top batsman will play a more favored choice.
  • The sportsbook or casino posts a total score, and you predict whether the team score will be higher or lower than the number posted.
  • Predict whether the number of runs by a team will end in an odd or even number. Note that a zero number of runs is considered an even number.
  • Select the player you predict would earn the title of man of the match (best player of the match).
  • series or man of the match. Note these bets are available in major markets only.

Top Cricket Online Betting Tips to Escalate Cricket Betting Success


Top Cricket Online Betting Tips

Great cricket online betting tips make sure you not only enjoy the game you love but also notably increase your success. Jackpotking wants you to make good betting decisions, which is possible once you’ve learned the art of staying selective.


  • Avoid betting on random teams, strategy is everything when it comes to success in online and mobile betting.
  • The very first step towards claiming the title Savvy Handicapper is to limit your betting choice. Learn everything you can about each type of bet, how it works and its success rate.
  • In cricket, you have access to a buffet of brilliant match and tournament choices. Instead of trying to keep up with them all, focus on one and study it, study team/player performances and trends.
  • Never guess, do not allow emotions to influence your betting decisions. Even when you follow only one team, do check the number of balls, wickets and score of the other.
  • Always keep your expectations realistic and do learn from your mistakes in the past. Also be prepared for unexpected changes in player’s health and weather conditions.
  • Do not exceed your betting budget, only bet what you can afford to lose, it makes winning so much sweeter.
  • Never settle, if you’re chasing success you need to increase your knowledge. You can increase your bankroll only once you’ve gained confidence and betting experience.

Jackpotking wants you to enjoy a great cricket online betting experience, which is a fabulous way to be more involved with the sports you love. If you’re just getting cricket betting in India online, do take the time you need to slowly ease yourself into cricket Satta. As you gain more comfort with your cricket betting app, we hope you enjoy great success by following our cricket online betting tips.



Online cricket betting – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each person and player has his own preferences, and this rule counts for online cricket betting sites too. There are many factors to consider when choosing a betting website, but don't worry - Jackpotking has got you covered.

Check out our list of best cricket betting sites in India at the start of this page, we already did the ground work for you - choose the one that suites you the most and enjoy!

Like the previous question - each player has his own preferences, it's important to consider many factors like the amount of available games to bet on, the betting odds, the mobile experience on the app and even the deposit and withdrawal methods. There are many other factors but in the end it's down to the player's preference.

It's important to add - not every cricket betting website has a dedicated mobile online cricket betting app, so check our individual reviews on each website to know if the betting website actually has an app in the first place and consider all the other factors as well.

There are many available types of cricket bets and among the most popular ones are Match betting, Series winner, Tournament outright winner, Completed match and Innings runs. Check the full list of popular types of cricket bets in this page.

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