Online Lottery in Punjab: Learn all here (2023)


This page will tell you all about online lottery in Punjab! 


It’s illegal to buy state lottery tickets online in Punjab but it’s still a top Indian lottery state.


International lottery sites are illegal in Punjab, however you can play without fear of being persecuted, but you do it at your own risk. 


Click below for our current top lottery sites for Punjab:


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Online lottery ticket purchase in Punjab


While Punjab is one of India’s top lottery state and among the 13 states that allow states lotteries, it’s illegal to buy state government lottery tickets in Punjab online.


It is, however, generally safe to purchase online lottery tickets in Punjab for international (offshore) lottery sites even though it’s illegal, but you do it at your own risk only.



Here are some of the available international draws that can be played from Punjab:


Lottery Draw Name Biggest Jackpot won
$1.586 Billion
$1.537 Billion
€230 Million
€120 Million
$1,000 a day for life
€209.1 Million
R$263.2 million
€101.7 Million
$111 Million
$107 Million


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Online lottery ticket booking in Punjab – Step by Step guide



Booking online lottery tickets in Punjab is very easy and quick, but remember it’s illegal and at your own risk.



Here’s how to do it:



1️⃣ Pick your favorite our list of lottery sites on this page.


2️⃣ Sign up to website you decided and deposit funds with your chosen payment method.


3️⃣ Select the draw you wish to play, pick your lucky numbers and finish buying  your lottery ticket.


4️⃣ Wait for the results of the draw, we wish you Good luck!



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Which are the best sites to play online lottery in Punjab?


Here is the current recommeded list of online lottery sites in Punjab:


Buy 1 Ticket, Get 2 more FREE!

🟠 A leading top quality lottery brand, perfect for Indian players


Pay attention for updates of this list as its constantly changes.





So what are my options for playing the lottery in Punjab?



🎫 Physical state lotteries (Paper tickets)


🟡 Legal to play physically, not legal to play the Punjab state lotteries online.


🟡 To learn more about state lotteries in Pubjab to check the state lottery section below.

🌐 International online lottery sites


🟡 Generally illegal but safe to play online in Punjab, you do it at your own risk.


🟡 Check our current top sites list to choose which site you want to play in.


✅ To learn more about the differences between physical government lottery to international (Offshore) lottery sites please check this our Indian online lottery page.





A little bit about Punjab and Punjab’s state lotteries


Here are few important initial points:



🟡 Punjab is one of the strongest states for online gambling in India and this includes lottery.


🟡 There are many state lottery draws in Punjab, with the best available jackpots in India alongside those of Kerala state lotteries.


🟡 The punjab state government lottery draws are available to be bought physically only.


🟡 Buying and participating in the Punjab state lotteries online is illegal.



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🔵Punjab is one of India’s strongest lottery states offers fantastic jackpots on its state lottery draws.


🔵 State lotteries are allowed in Punjab by laws active from 1998 and 2010 and are still legal today if the state lottery tickets are purchased physically.


🔵 On contrary to physical lotteries, online lotteries are considered illegal by law since 2020, but this law is mainly targetting lottery sellers and scammers and not the actual lottery players.





⚫ There are four weekly Punjabi state lottery draws – Dear 20, Dear 50, Dear 100 and Dear 200. The maximum jackpot of those draws is ₹1 crore for the Dear 100 and Dear 200 draws and the other draws offer different jackpots.


⚫ There are five Punjabi monthly state lottery draws – Dear 250, Dear 500, Dear 1000, Dear 2000 and Dear 2000 Plus. The maximum jackpot of those draws is ₹5 crores for the Dear 2000 and Dear 2000 Plus and the other draws offer different jackpots.


⚫ There is one quarterly draw called Dear 5000 that occurs every 3 months and offers a maximum jackpots of ₹1 Crore.


⚫ Regarding to Bumper yearly draws, Punjab state lottery has six different ones and the jackpots are amazing. Their names are Dear New Year Lohri Bumper, Dear Rakhi Bumper, Dear Diwali Bumper, Dear Baisakhi Bumper, Dear Maha Shiv Ratri Bumper and Dear Holi Bumper. The maximum jackpot out of those draws are 5.25 crores for the Dear Maha Shiv Ratri Bumper draw, but all the other draws offer great jackpots as well.


⚫ Together with Kerala’s bumper draws, Punjab’s bumper draws give the biggest jackpots out of all of India lottery draws!



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While the Punjabi state lotteries are great and offer very good jackpots, they are only available physically and it’s illegal to buy tickets for them online. On the next section we will focus on what’s legal and what’s illegal when speaking about lottery in Punjab.





So what’s legal and what’s not in Punjab?




Here are the main points regarding Punjab lottery:


✅ You can legally play the Punjab state government lotteries physically but you need to buy the draws tickets only from authorized resellers.


⛔ Playing or buying Punjab state lottery tickets online is illegal.


⚠ You should know that since 2020 it’s illegal to play online lottery in Punjab, however the ban is mainly targeting the sellers of lotteries and no actions have been done against online lottery players yet. Therefore, it’s relatively safe to play on international lottery sites from Punjab, but if you do so you do it at your own risk as it’s still breaking the law.


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A little more about the legality of online lottery in Punjab


Since February 2020 online lottery is banned in Punjab. However,  this ban on online lotteries is mainly focused on the sellers of online lottery tickets and is intended to prevent online lottery scams.


This ban is not focused on the lottery players. No player has been arrested, persecuted or questioned for playing the lottery online since those laws have been legalised.


This means you can play the lottery online on Punjab on international lottery sites with no worries, but you do it at your own risk and under you consideration only.



If you considered and decided you want to play online lottery in Punjab, please check our list of top lottery sites in Punjab or check our top site below. 



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Regarding online lottery in Chandigarh



🟡 Playing online lottery in Chandigarh or booking lottery tickets online from Chandigarh is to be treated exactly like mentioned on this page for all of Punjab


🟡 This means that playing lottery online from Chandigarh is also illegal but still possible and under the player’s risk only, just like playing from any other place in Punjab.


🟡 Punjab state lotteries are also available for Chandigarh, but only if buying the tickets physically.



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Online Lottery in Punjab – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buying Punjab state lottery tickets is illegal and not advised.


It's safer to buy online lottery tickets in Punjab from international lottery sites, but still illegal and you do it at your own risk. 

As a part of Punjab, playing online lottery in Chandigarh is the same as playing from other parts of Punjab.


This means that playing the lottery online is mainly illegal but still possible, and you do it under your responsibility only.

The actual online lottery ticket purchase in Punjab is very easy and you can learn how to do it in this page, but since it's illegal you are advised to consider it well and know that you're doing it at your own risk.



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