Online Lottery in India (2023) 📲 


This page will teach you all you need to know about the best online lottery in India for 2023.


Indian online lottery has become hugely popular, so if you want to learn all about it or play on the best online lottery sites in India, this page is just for you. Enjoy!


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Best Online Lottery Sites in India


Lottery lovers from India can participate on the top international lotteries and many local draws as well via the best online lottery sites.


We at Jackpotking want you to play online lottery only on the real best online lottery sites in India and we are always updating our list to help you choose the best one for you.



🟢 Here is the current list of recommended top lottery sites in India:


Buy 1 Ticket, Get 2 more FREE!

🟠 A leading top quality lottery brand, perfect for Indian players




🟢 Before we go deeper into online lottery on this page, we have to first explain that we recommend on online lottery brands, which are providers of online lottery entries and tickets for selected draws around the world.


🟢 Most of those online lottery brands has websites (Web platforms), so we might refer to them on this page as online lottery sites, but the meaning is the same – Offshore brands that provide online lottery tickets for top international draws and are suited for Indian players.


🟢 Also important – almost all brands have a website/web platform that is also mobile friendly, but not all brands has dedicated mobile apps.



Apart from this page there are many pages in our website that is filled with information about the best online lottery in India, you are more than invited to check them out as well: 



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🔥 Online Lottery in India 2023


If you love winning and having a chance to dream of a jackpot, you want access to the biggest and largest online lotteries and jackpots around the globe!


Online lottery has grown hugely popular in India and all around the globe and quite frankly, for very good reasons.


In this page you are invited to enjoy and learn about the online lottery world and of course the best online lottery sites




💰 The top online lottery brands/sites we recommend offer a chance to enter international mega draws and jackpots like the US Powerball, US Mega Millions, EuroMillions and a lot of others from the comfort of your laptop or mobile.




Here are some of the draws that top online lottery sites offer you access to:


Lottery Draw Name Biggest Jackpot Won Draw Origin
$1.586 Billion USA
$1.537 Billion USA
€230 Million European
€120 Million European
$1,000 a day for life USA
€209.1 Million Italy
R$263.2 million Brazil
€101.7 Million Spain
$111 Million Australia
$107 Million Australia


 The top online lottery sites also offer many other popular lottery draws and option apart from the popular draws above, the selection always changes and expands.



🤝 We at Jackpotking understand that when you choose an online lottery site, there are many other very important points to consider that apart from the lottery draws selection, which of course is also a very important factor.


In this page our goal is to introduce you to the online lottery world and of course to help you choose the best online lottery site for your own needs.




Here’s how we help you to kickstart your online lottery adventures:


1️⃣ We give you in-depth information about the current situation of online lottery in India and specify its advantages comparing to the regular lottery.



2️⃣ Then we introduce you to a list of our current trusted and genuine online lottery sites sites. This list is always ongoing and growing and our aim is to get as many quality brands on it so you’ll be spoiled for choice.



3️⃣ After that we show you the key factors to consider when you make your choice, so will pick the online lottery sites that suites you the most.



4️⃣ Then we give you a quick guide on how to play the online lottery, there is also a dedicated guide in this page.



5️⃣ On the final step you will make your own choice according to your wants and needs and pick the best online lottery brand to start playing on the best lottery draws the world can offer. Enjoy!


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How to play online lottery in india? Step by step guide


The whole process of purchasing online lottery tickets in India for top international draws is actually very simple, straightforward and quick.

🟡 You are advised however to pay good attention to the online lottery site you choose to buy the tickets from.


Here’s how to do it:

1️⃣ After carefully considering what’s the best fit for you, choose the online lottery site you want to play with, if you need help with that check our best online lottery in India list.


2️⃣ Go to your choisen site via one the added links on this page and then sign up to the website you chose and log in to it.


3️⃣ Make a deposit to the site from you favorite deposit method.


4️⃣ Choose the draw you want to play on.


5️⃣ Choose your lucky numbers and number of entries.


6️⃣ Finalize the tickets and wait for the draw to check if you won, you can check the results directly from the lottery site you chose to play from. Enjoy!


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🟡 While the main process is very straightforward, there are minor changes between each online lottery brand but they all offer a very similar ticket booking and playing process.



Which types of lottery are available in India?


🌐 Online lottery


If you prefer playing lottery online, you should know that you will have to play on international offshore brands via their websites (platforms) or mobile apps, and some brands even offer both. Remember that it’s allowed to play international lotteries online in all states.


⚫ Access to huge international draws like Power Ball and Mega Millions.

⚫ Tickets are a little more expensive, much bigger jackpots.

⚫ Completely allowed and safe to play from any Indian state.

⚫ Many discounts and promotions.

⚫ Payment via a selection of payment methods.

⚫ All the ticketing/booking is done online.

⚫ All your data is safe and you can’t lose your ticket.

⚫ Access to international draws is only available online.

⚫ 24/7 online professional support.


Please remember that while it’s allowed to play the lottery online in India, it must be done via offshore international lottery websites that offer payment methods that suit players from India. We at Jackpotking only list sites that follow these two terms. Also remember that those sites only give access to international world renown draws, not local ones

🎫 State Lotteries (Physical paper tickets)


If your preference is playing lottery physically and buying paper tickets, you should know that you will only have access to government states draws in the 13 states that physical lottery is allowed on. You are advised to not play the state lotteries online, it’s illegal and at your own risk.


⚫ Access to local state government lottery draws only.

⚫ Cheaper tickets, smaller jackpots.

⚫ Legal in 13 states and illegal in the 15 others.

⚫ Some discounts but mainly fixed prices.

⚫ Payments via physical payment methods mostly.

⚫ Ticket booking must to be done phyisically only at licensed lottery stores/resellers.

⚫ Paper tickets so you have to keep your ticket safe.

⚫ State lotteries are not legal to be played online.

⚫ Physical customer support only.


Please remember that playing physical lottery on local state goverment draws is only allowed in 13 states in India. It’s illegal to play at the 15 other states and please know that you are not allowed legally to play state lotteries online. Therefore, playing state lotteries online at some vendors that offer it is not advised, illegal and at your own risk only.


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Where to play legal online lottery in India?


After looking at the specific state you play from, choosing where to actually play online lottery is very important too.


Legal online lottery sites would be sites that are:


1️⃣ International (Offshore) sites that their headquarters and servers are located outside of India.

2️⃣ Offer international draws and not Indian state lottery draws.

3️⃣ Have Indian suitable payment methods.


If the online lottery site is fulfilling those three above terms and the player is from an Indian state that doesn’t have specific laws against online lottery – It’s basically safe to play online lottery on this site without fearing of breaking the law.


✅ We at Jackpotking support only legal online lottery in India and this means that the lottery sites we recommend all comply with the terms above.

Please take a look at them below.

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Types of lottery sites systems in India


While there are many online lottery sites around, there are main two systems they use to give you access to top online lottery draws from around the globe.


🎫 Lottery agent sites


🟡 Simple as it sounds – Buys you real lottery tickets for the draw you chose.

🟡 The less common option, was more common a few years back.

🟡 You get an official lottery entry to the draw you chose.

🟡 If you win you get the payment directly from the lottery draw.

🟡 You might get an actual copy of your ticket.

🟡 In a case you win, payment process might take longer and in some cases you’ll need to collect the money yourself.

🟡 Two common lottery agent sites are Lotto Agent and LottoSmile (Currently not on Jackpotking’s list).

🌐 Lottery betting sites


🟡 You bet on the result of the lottery draws.

🟡 Much more common option, almost all sites are lottery betting sites.

🟡 No official ticket but the lottery result is just the same, you win – You get paid.

🟡 If you win you get the payment from the lottery site itself.

🟡 Virtual copy of your entries lucky number are available on the site itself.

🟡 Faster payment process and withdrawals when you win the jackpot.

🟡 Most of the online lottery sites in India are lottery betting sites, including most of the sites we recommend on Jackpotking.


Both lottery betting sites and lottery agent sites have similarities – They are both very reliable, you are practically participating in top lottery draws and if you win a jackpot, you’ll get paid, plain and simple.


We at Jackpotking put our priorities on the quality of the actual lottery site, but we can generally say that there are top lottery sites from either system and the choice is only up to you and your preferences.


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Normal solo lottery and Syndicate lottery explained


You can either play lottery normally or as a part of a syndicate, the choice is yours and some lottery sites do offer Syndicate lottery options.



🕺 Normal solo lottery


🟡 The default way, you buy the tickets for yourself only and therefore generally buy less tickets.

🟡 If you win the jackpot, it’s yours only.

🟡 More expensive option and you don’t share the costs with other people when you buy lottery tickets alone.

🟡 Chances of winning are lower as you buy less entries alone than in a syndicate lottery situation.

🟡 All the lottery sites offer this option as this is the default one.

🫂 Syndicate Lottery


🟡 You buy as many tickets as possible as part of a group.

🟡 If one of the tickets wins the jackpot, you split the jackpot with the other members.

🟡 Less expensive option as you share the costs with other people.

🟡 You buy more tickets in a syndicate so the chances of lottery winning are higher.

🟡 Only some of the sites offer organized syndicate lottery such as Lottofy.


👍 If you choose to go solo or be apart of a syndicate, in both cases you will participate and buy lottery tickets and entries to top international draws.


✅ We only list top quality lottery sites so if you choose the normal solo lottery road or choose to play lottery as a part of syndicate, you’re in good hands. Take your pick and enjoy the ride!


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What are the benefits of playing the lottery online?


🫂 Most of the available online lottery draws are progressive lotteries, which means that that even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you still contribute toward charity.


💰 Another huge advantage of playing the online Indian lottery is that the lotteries are mostly progressive. This means that if no one wins the jackpot it rolls over to the next draw and those draws can hold huge, huge jackpots because of that.


✅ When you play the lottery online, it’s sure you’ll never miss out on a lottery draw if you choose to play, the tickets and entries that you bought are yours and are safe.


💻📱 Comfort is at its finest with online lottery, you can join the draw and participate in it from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device, or both, from wherever you decide to!


⚡ You never have to queue when playing the lottery online, it’s super fast and there is no need to arrive physically to buy your tickets.


🔐 It is very safe, reliable and trustworthy to play online lottery, your data is safe and so is your ticket – You can’t lose your ticket here!


🔎 The convenience is on another level, you can keep track on all of your entries, even from different draws, at one place and check the lottery results from the same site.


💬 Standards of support are amazing and top lottery sites feature a live 24/7 support to help you with any issue or question you have.


🌐 Online lottery gives you quick and easy access to the best and highest lottery jackpots across the world,  and you can even choose to participate in the draws on subscription basis.


🎁 A big extra from discounts on buying multiple entries at once, most top online lottery sites also offer bonuses and promotions such as free tickets and entries or free extra credit to buy more tickets and entries.


As you see, there a lot of advantages to choosing to play lottery online, and we recommend you to try it.


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A little about Online Lottery Tickets in India 🎫


✅ Online lottery tickets look pretty much the same as physical paper lottery tickets.


✅ The only difference between normal to online lottery tickets is that you won’t carry them physically, they will wait for you on your account in the lottery site you’ve chosen.


✅ There will be slight visual differences between the appearances of each lottery site when you book your tickets, but the principle will basically be the same.


✅ You’ll be able to choose your the number of entries you want choose you lucky numbers for, and you’ll be asked to choose your lucky numbers + the bonus number just like in physical lottery.


✅ The ticket prices are basically for a single entry, but there are also special prices for multiple entries and each lottery sites holds different discounts and promos for different lottery draws.


The number of lucky numbers per entry depends on the draw you choose.


The ticket prices depend only on the lottery sites, therefore we encourage you to also check the prices yourself when you book your lottery tickets. Enjoy!

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Online Lottery Brands in India: Websites and Apps


In order to play international online lottery online, you need to consider if you want to play on a website (web platform) or a mobile app. 

The choice regarding this matter depends on your own needs, where you are planning to play lottery from and of course on the options each lottery brand offers.

There are some top offshore online lottery brands that offer both a website and an app which is honestly the best option because it gives you, the player, the choice to either use the web platform (Website) or the mobile app on the same brand.


Here are some things to consider when choosing between playing online lottery on a mobile app or a website:

💻 Website (Web Platform)


🔵 More requently updated.

🔵 Mostly very mobile friendly.

🔵 Fantastic for desktops and laptops.

🔵 Top websites are very secure.

🔵 Mostly slick and fast but some sites load slower.

🔵 Mostly suites for both desktops and mobiles.

🔵 No need for installation, the platform is browser based.

📱 Mobile App


🔵 Perfectly suited for mobiles and tablets.

🔵 Updated a little less frequently.

🔵 Not available for desktops and laptops.

🔵 Offers very high security for mobiles.

🔵 Slick and fast.

🔵 Has to be installed via an APK file/Play Store/ App store.

🔵 Not every online lottery brand/platform has a mobile app.


As you can see above, if you intend to play online lottery from your mobile, a mobile app might suit you better if the brand you want to play from has one.

If you want more flexibility and to play from your desktop/laptop as well, a web platform (Website) might suit you better.


💻 If you want to play from your desktop/laptop or prefer to play from your mobile,  just go to our top sites section on this page and choose the one you like most.


If it’s a lottery mobile app or a lottery website (platform), we on Jackpotking only recommend on the top ones from top brands. Have fun!


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Meet the top payment methods for playing online lottery in India


When it comes to convenience and cost-effectiveness, there are many deposit and withdrawal options. However, for players from India there is a huge preference to UPI, Paytm, Google-Pay, PhonePe. Read below on these four hugely popular payment methods in India.



When talking about Indian payment methods, this is the gold standard. UPI stand for Unified Payment Interface and this system is designed to help transfer money from bank account to another one instantly. UPI is actually not only a payment method but an interface that money can be transferred with. India’s other top three payment methods Paytm, Google-Pay, PhonePe and others such as BHIM and Amazon Pay – All those methods work through UPI and payment by them is possible through UPI. This means UPI is huge in India for online lottery and online gambling in general, and for very good reasons.



Paytm is the most popular payment system widely used by players for Indian lotteries online. Operating for over 10 years, the Indian company offers services in more than 11 languages. It is the most widely used payment method for paying at restaurants, online shopping, online gambling and online lottery.



Offering all the rewards and features payers and players from India love, Google Pay simplify all transaction and all Indian banks support BHIM UPI. It also offers payments in five different ways, including QR code, phone number, cash mode and via account number.



Headquartered in Bangalore, PhonePe is an India-based online digital wallet founded in 2015. This payment option enables you to make lightning-fast online payments and is very popular in India.



✅ While the above are the most popular banking options, players from India can also use other reliable and popular payment methods. Those include Net Banking and Bank transfer, credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, many eWallets including STICPAY, Neteller and Skrill, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and many others.


We recommend that you first choose the method you like the most and then start enjoying your online lottery adventures!


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⏩  How we rank online lottery websites  



We at Jackpotking want you to know you are in safe hands when you’re choosing an Indian online lottery website.

Our main aim is to help you find the best online lottery site for your needs and while we know many websites and operators, we only list the top ones on Jackpotking.


👍 We can assure you that each of the online lottery sites listed on Jackpotking has been carefully checked regarding security and reliability so you can be totally relaxed regarding these matters.

We only have reliable and safe sites here!


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🤔 Factors we consider when ranking an online lottery website 



🔢 Selection of lotteries


A top online lottery site has to have access to as many popular lottery draws as possible. 

When we are talking about the selection of draws, we are talking about top international draws like Mega Millioms, Powerball, Euro Millions and many others.

The more quality the selection of draws is the better the site is.


📜 Valid Gambling License


A top online lottery site has to hold a valid gambling license and if there are several licenses from different gambling authorities, even better!

Examples of top gambling authorities that provide gambling licenses are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gambling Commission (MGA), the Government of Curaçao and others. Check our gambling legality page for more information.

At Jackpotking we only list licensed online lottery websites as their quality is proven to be much higher and so are their reliability and security.


🔐 Safety and security


The security, reliability and safety of the lottery website is one of the most imporant features when it comes to a quality site.

A top quality online lottery site will be well encrypted and protected in order to keep the player’s information, be it financial or personal, as safe as possible. We only list reliable, secure and safe sites.


🪙 Top payment methods


The best online lottery sites hold a good selection of popular payment methods for the convenience of the players. 

A good variety of fast, reliable and popular payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals is crucial for a good online lottery experience, and the faster the deposits and withdrawals are, the better.

For the Indian market, a quality online lottery site has to support payments in INR. In addition, a top site should offer most or all of India’s popular payment methods such as UPI, Google-Pay, Paytm and PhonePe.

It’s extremely important and again – The more methods the better!


💵 Prices and discounts


The importance of good prices for each entry can not be overlooked. The best online lottery sites offer good prices for many popular draws.

For more information about the ticket prices situation, please check our dedicated tickets section in this page.

In addition to good ticket prices, discounts are also very important. Automatic discounts when buying several entries or tickets at once can greatly help players and greatly boost the whole experience.


🎁 Bonuses and promotions


Bonuses and promotions are hugely important to the playing experience and a top lottery site offers plenty of them.

A good blend of welcome bonuses and ongoing bonuses can be great fun and helpful for a player’s online lottery experience!

We always give stronger emphasis to online lottery sites with a bigger and better variety of promotions and bonuses.


📞 Customer support


Professional and quick customer support is crucial to an online lottery site and when there are live chat support and phone support options they offer a huge advantage.

The real top quality online lottery sites mainly hold high customer support standards, with many communication methods available. Quick responses from the support team and of course a professional team are crucial in order to help the players as fast and as well as possible.


💪 We at Jackpotking place huge importance on recommending you only on the real best online lottery sites, and we encourage you to keep high standards yourself and check thouroughly before you make your choice.


This will greatly boost your chances of winnning as well as enjoying your online lottery experience as much as possible!


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Things to consider when you purchase online lottery tickets in India


While the ticket buying process is very easy and straightforward, as mentioned in the previous section, there are some factors for consideration before making your ticket purchase.


Go only with licensed sites


Always buy online lottery tickets only from licensed sites. We only list licensed sites on Jackpotking and recommend you to always opt for sites that hold a gambling license, preferably even from more than one gambling authority. 


A licensed site offers a lot more secure and reliable exprience specifically for online lottery site, but generaly for all the responsible gambling sites with other games like casino games or betting. Stick only to licensed gambling sites.


📝  Give real and accurate details


After choosing a site, when registering to the lottery sites make sure to only give your true and accurate details (No fake names!).


This is very important because if you’ll give the wrong or inaccurate details and win a draw it can cause complications with actually receiving the money you deserve.


🎫  Research the draws well before buying the ticket


Check and research exactly which draw you want to participate in. The selection of lottery draws in lottery sites is very big and many of them offer a chance to buy tickets from many draws.


Choose the one you like the most and of course consider the timing of the draw, the lottery winning chances and of course – The jackpot sum!


🎁  Check the prices and promotions on offer


Carefully check the prices of each draw and the available promotions on offer. Many of the online lottery sites sell tickets with special promos for multi tickets, discounted tickets for specific draws, cashback offers and many other attractive offers.


Look out for those promotions before choosing which lottery ticket you go with.


💳  Don’t forget about the payment methods


Before you choose the site to buy tickets from, check the available payment methods on the site carefully, for both deposits and withdrawals.


Please be aware that the top sites for Indian lottery players mostly offer you the popular payment methods in India such as Paytm, Google-Pay, UPI, PhonePe and some others so pick the site that offers the best one for you.


Also, please remember that the available methods for deposits might be different from those who are available for withdrawals, and each lottery site offers different payment options. 


It’s absolutely essential that you double check on the payment options before you choose the site you want to go with. Those methods will be the methods that you will deposit you funds and of course withdraw them if you hit the jackpot! 



The pointers above are all extremely important to look into before you buy your online lottery tickets. We highly recommend you to give considerable thoughts to each of them before you purchase your tickets, it might actually greatly boost your chances to win!


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📜 Is online lottery in India legal?


Online lottery in India is legal in many states, but the status of legality actually depends on each state’s laws and legislation and also on the specific type of lottery which means state lottery (Actual paper tickets) or online lottery.

Basically, it depends on which state you are from and if you want to play state lottery (Phyisically only) or online lottery.


There is no federal ban on lottery in India. Following a supreme court decision from 2015, each state government is the decision maker regarding the lottery status on its borders. 

Some states allow lotteries and even organize them such as Kerala and Punjab, while others strictly prohibit them like Odisha and Bihar.

The above status of legality regards mainly to physical lottery with paper tickets, but the status of online lottery is another matter on each state. In many Indian states the legal status of online lottery is in the “grey area”, not legal but also not illegal.


In this section we will divide two main types of Indian states when it comes to their legal approach to lottery and online lottery.


1️⃣ States that permit physical lottery 

🟢 Regarding state government lotteries (paper tickets), 13 states has their own legistlation permitting state lotteries and hold organized lotteries.


Those states are:

Mizoram Goa Manipur
Arunachal Pradesh Punjab Nagaland
Maharashtra Sikkim Kerala
Meghalaya Assam West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh


🟠 In those states it is legal to play the state lottery physically with paper tickets, but you can’t buy the tickets for those organized lotteries online!


🟢 Regarding online lottery, in most of those states, there are no lottery rules against playing the lottery online. This means players on these states can mainly play on online lottery sites safely and without breaking any law.


🟠 It does, however, depends on if the specific state has it’s own rules against online lottery. Most of those 13 states have no lottery rules against it, but there are exceptions such, as Punjab for example. 

Therefore we encourage you to check the specific state situation before making your decision to play online lottery.

However, if you want to play the lottery online from those states you have to make sure you only play on offshore online lottery sites that offer payment methods suited for Indian players. We got you though, all the sites we recommend on Jackpotking follow these two terms. 


You also have to make sure you are not breaking any relevant law of the specific state you are in as there are exceptions such as Punjab. We have created a state specific pages for states that need special guidance, you can find the links to those pages on the 13 states table above, in the states with yellow background.




To sum up, if you are from the 13 states above:

✅ It is safe for you to play on online lottery sites in almost all of those states, but they have to be offshore sites that offer Indian payment methods. However, we recommend you to check the online lottery approach to the specific state before you choose to play the lottery online.

✅ You can play state government lotteries physically on the lotteries that are approved by your state.

❌ You can’t play the state government lotteries on your states online, it’s illegal.


The top online lottery websites on this page follow the two terms above and are mainly safe for you to play if you are from the states above, check them out.


2️⃣ States that legally ban physical lottery (The other 15 states)

Regarding physical lotteries (paper tickets), the other 15 states of India have laws and regulations that ban physical lotteries.

✅ However, those rules don’t apply to online lottery in most of those states and you can generally play the lottery online from those states without worry. We advise you to still pay attention to the specific law of the state you are playing from, because some of the states ban online lottery too.


Those 15 states are:

Tripura Himachal Pradesh Uttarakhand
Odisha Bihar Jammu and Kashmir
Andhra Pradesh Telangana Haryana
Chattisgarh Tamil Nadu Gujarat
Karnataka Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan


🟠 In those 15 states it is illegal to play state lottery physically with paper tickets, and there are no state organized lotteries. We also recommend on avoiding fake sites that try to sell physical lottery tickets online, stick to offshore international sites. Trying to play physical, paper tickets lottery on those states is at your own risk.


🟢 However, the situation of online lottery on those 15 states is different. Those states mainly don’t have rules and regulations against online lottery. Therefore, it’s generally ok to play the lottery online if the state doesn’t has specific rules against online lottery and also follows the   the same two conditions from the previous section:

1️⃣ The online lottery site you choose has to be an offshore site (Headquarters outside of India).

2️⃣ The site you choose has to offer payment methods that are compatible with players from India.



Important to know:

🔼 If you stick to those two terms, you can generally play online lottery from your state without fear of breaking any law or being persecuted.

No player has been arrested, punished or persecuted for playing the lottery online in whole of India, including the 15 states above. 

Playing online lottery in a state that directly bans it, however, is under your reponsibility only and at your own risk.




To sum it up, if you are from the 15 states above:

✅ It is mostly safe for you to play on online lottery sites in most of those states, but the sites you choose have to be offshore sites that offer payment methods that are compatible for Indian players. Check the specific state regarding its approach of online lottery, playing it from a state that forbids it is under your responsibility only.

❌ You can’t play lotteries physically on those states, be it states or private lotteries – It’s illegal.



The online lottery sites we list on this page and on this whole sites all follow these terms above, check them out. They are safe for you to play if you are from the states above.


As mentioned at both of the sub-sections above, the the online lottery in India legal situation appears a little tricky but is mainly pretty clear and depends on the state your are from.


We remind you that playing lottery, be it online or physically is at your own risk and responsibility. Jackpotking is a recommendation site only and doesn’t hold any responsibility for your actions. We advice you to choose wisely depending on your status, be safe and play safe if you choose to so.


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So which online lottery is legal in India?


If the Indian state you wish to play from doesn’t have laws against online lottery, it’s important understand the following:


✅ International online lottery draws such as Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Powerball and others are mainly legal, you are not breaking any law when you play on these draws. However, it’s only legal if you are playing through a top international lottery site (See next sub-section for more information regarding this).


❌ It’s not legal to play the Indian state lotteries online, it’s only legal to play them physically from the 13 states that allow lotteries. 


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A bit about Indian government lottery (State run lotteries)


As we shortly pointed in the section above about types of lottery in India, there are available physical lotteries in India that either run by the states governments or are alternatively private lottery companies that are permitted to run lottery draws by the states governments.


🟡 We will call both lotteries run by the states government and private lotteries that are approved by the states Government lottery from now on in this section.



So what are Indian government lotteries or state run lotteries?

Government lotteries are physical lotteries only (Paper tickets that need to be bought through permitted resellers only) and are only allowed to run in 13 states, as we mentioned in the legal section above this section.



Important things to know about government lottery in India:

It’s only permitted in the 13 states above and only by buying the tickets physically from authorized resellers. 


Physical lottery is banned in the other 15 states mentioned above.


It is not legal to play government lottery online from all of India’s states. please know that if you choose to do this you’re doing it at your own risk and responsibility and are breaking the law. You can only play government lottery physically from on the permitted states.


You can play the lottery online from all of India’s states without worrying as it’s not illegal, but the lottery sites you choose has to be offshore sites that offer Indian suitable payment methods. Those sites have to offer international lottery draws only.



Some more things to know about Indian government lotteries:

🟠 State lotteries are a big thing in India, but they are strictly a physical experience, it’s illegal to buy goverment lottery tickets online.

🟠 Kerala was the first state to launch and allow government lotteries in the 60s, and has the biggest lotteries in the country with the biggest jackpots. 

🟠 Every state has its own draws, and some states operate private companies to run the lotteries with the approval of the state.

🟠 There are weekly draws, monthly draws even yearly draws (Called also bumper draws), and the variety and number of draws is different for each state.

🟠 The jackpot sums also vary between the types of draws and between each state.

🟠 Government draws are local only, there are no available international draws via the goverment lotteries.


🔔 Before you choose to go with either online lottery sites or goverment lottery, we highly recommend you to check our government lottery in India page for more information on the state run lotteries (Government lotteries in India).


If you want to consider online lottery, please check out our top sites


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So why is buying online lottery tickets in India is a better option than buying physical lottery tickets?



🔐  More secure and reliable


You can’t lose your ticket if you bought it online, and the sites we recommend here are top of the industry regarding reliability and security.

Here at Jackpotking we are only talking about top licensed lottery websites that pay their winners every day and week. Those sites are also encrypted and secure to keep your personal and financial data safe. In short, you can’t lose your ticket with those top sites, your data is safe with them and if you win, you will get your money!


🌐  Wider scope of draws


A top lottery site offers you a very wide selection of draws to choose from. From world renown lottery draws like Mega Millions, PowerBall and Euro Millions to more niche and localized draws like ElGordo, CASH4LIFE and France loto – These sites have them all and many, many more draws.

This means that instead of choosing only one lottery provider or sticking only to local lottery, on these sites you can get access to purchase tickets for top lottery draws from all around the world from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone. The mobile lottery is an easy and convenient choice for you as well.


💵  Big selection of payment methods


Buying lottery tickets online from a top side opens you to a wide variety of payment methods for your comfort. You can pay with e-wallets, bank transfers and even crypto!

The real top sites even offer you the chance the use India’s favorite methods such as UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, Google-Pay and many others.

The selection of ways to deposit and withdraw your money on those online sites is much bigger and basically gives you much more options to choose from than when buying physical lottery tickets.


🪙  Enjoy special prices and promotions


While the prices are mainly the same when buying lottery tickets physically, the sitation is totally different when booking a lottery ticket online.

There is an array of different and specific prices for each draw and there are tons of discounts and promotions to choose from, which gives you the option to also choose by price and of course, pick discounts and promos to help you cut costs.

To sum up, when it comes to ticket prices, it’s much more flexible when booking a ticket online.


📜  Mainly legal and safe in almost all of India


While physical lottery might be banned in many Indian states, buying online lottery tickets is in the grey area for most states.

This basically means that online lottery is not illegal in almost all Indian states as long as the site is offshore and offers legit payment methods for Indian players.

Therefore you are legally allowed to book you lottery tickets online from basically all Indian states apart from West Bengal.


📱  Much more comfortable


When it comes to comfort, buying lottery tickets online beats physically buying paper tickets any time. It’s much easier to book you tickets with an online site via your laptop, home desktop or mobile phone from the comfort of wherever you choose to be. 

Almost all the top lottery sites are mobile friendly and offer a fantastic mobile experience and this brings great versatility to you, you can book your tickets from your mobile for top draws from basically anywhere.

Therefore, the flexibility and comfort of buying the tickets online is a huge advantage contrary to buying lottery paper tickets physically.


🔎  Full access to lottery results from all the draws in one place


Booking tickets from a lottery sites offer you a one go-to place to go and check the lottery results for all the draws.

This comes very handy if you bought tickets for different draws and you can basically buy the tickets for all those draws and check the results for them all at the same place. Very comfortable!


🎰  Many more options to play


While lottery is king for top online lottery sites, many of those sites offer other kinds of games and options to play on apart from lottery. 

Those options include Keno games, casino games and even sports betting and the variety of those extra games depends on each lottery sites.

For example, Lotto247 offers a variety of Keno and casino games apart from its world class selection of lotteries.

This variety of lottery games doesn’t exist when buying lottery tickets physically so it’s a big advantage to buying them online.


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Play online lottery on the Go 🔥 


As convinience is key,  lottery players from India can also play the lottery from the office, while commuting to and from work or during holidays.


📱 Mobile devices and smartphones offer you an easy way to play on the best international online lottery jackpot draws with top online lottery mobile apps or platforms/websites that are fully mobile friendly.


Flexibility and comfort is key in 2023 and playing lottery online offers you those in style, just sit back and enjoy!


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Indian Online Lottery: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the five tips to boost your chances:


First of all buy more tickets, secondly make a pool, never pick numbers that are consecutive, playing with your heart is not a good idea and the last one - Play less popular games at odd hours.

Yes, it's safe to play online lottery if you play from a state that doesn't prohibit online lottery and on an international site.


Check our legal section on this page to learn more.

You can surely win huge jackpots on international lottery from India. In fact, many people from India have already won international lottery draws!

UPI, Paytm, Google-Pay, Phonepe, IMPS, Skrill, Netbanking and a few others are the top banking choices for Indian players if you are looking for easy deposits and withdrawals.

There are also other available reliable and seamless payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, Cryptocurrency, and many more.

Yes, you can play all the biggest lotteries such as Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, Euro Millions, UK Lottery, Mega Sena and many others from India via top online lottery sites.

Check our best casino sites section above to see which ones we recommend currently.

Yes! As a new member you do qualify for a welcome bonus at Jackpotking recommended online lottery sites.

Welcome offers vary between the sites but you can expect to start your online lottery experience with a free entry or free bonus credit to your account to play on top international lottery draws.

The answer is yes.


When you register an online account with any of the Jackpotking.in lottery sites, part of setting up your account is choosing from several payment methods.


The banking method you select can be used to get your lottery winnings to be transferred to your selected payment methods account, and this include bank transfer for you Indian account.


Studies by experts in several countries showed that 70% of those lucky enough to enjoy a huge influx of wealth, such as winning the lottery would lose most their money within a few years. Several admitted that they lost all to greed, luck of control and any future plan.This phenomena is sometimes nicknamed the curse of the lottery.


On the other, hand there is the possible blessing of winning the lottery. 30% of lottery jackpot winners became serious about making their fortune work for them. Most called in investment experts and never worked another day in their lives. Winning the jackpot changes your life forever, isn’t it amazing that you get to decide if it’s for the better or worse.


We at Jackpotking first of all good luck on winning the jackpot, and if you are lucky enough to do that, try to be thoughtful in you actions so you can be on the side of the blessing than on the side of the curse. Good luck!

In terms of which is the biggest lottery in India, it might be best to look at the largest lottery payouts.

On the 29th of April 2020, the Indian Express announced that a lottery participant from India could win ₹15 Billion in prize money in the US Mega Million Jackpot.

The largest or record lottery in history was the $1.586 billion US Powerball Jackpot in 2016. While the second largest was the Mega Millions Jackpot worth $1.536 billion in 2018.

Those huge international jackpots are all available for you on international lottery draws that are accessible via the top online lottery sites we recommend on this page.

The Indian states that allow physical lottery are Mizoram, Goa, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Nagaland, Maharashtra, Sikkim, Kerala, Meghalaya, Assam, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

Jackpotking has a few tips up his sleeve that can indeed increase your chances of winning and enjoying playing the lottery while doing so:


✅ First of all, decide how much you want to spend on lottery tickets every month.

✅ If you play the lottery weekly divide the deposited sum in your account into four weeks.

✅ To increase your chances of winning get more than one ticket.

✅ Forming a pool with friends or colleagues increase both your funds and chances of winning

✅ Follow the lotteries, get to know the rules of each, choosing the right lottery is vital to your success

✅ Study the online lottery statistics, get to know the numbers most likely to win. For example, in Powerball, the luckiest numbers according to statistics are 6, 3, 18, 13, 24 and 21

✅ The most important, enjoy!

In order to buy lottery tickets online from India you need to pick an online lottery site from the list in this page.

After that, register to the site you chose, deposit funds and pick a draw you want to participate in.

Fill in your lucky numbers, finish the process and wait for the results. Good luck!

You can also check our step by step guide section in this page for more in-depth instructions.

If we are talking about state lottery - Not legal at all.


If we are talking about international lottery draws - It depends on the site and state you play from.


Check our legal section on this page to learn more.

It is legal to purchase online lottery tickets in India in almost all states, but you have to make sure you buy the tickets from offshore sites only.

In addition, the site you choose to buy tickets from also has to offer payment options that are valid in India.

Check our dedicated section about legality in this page to learn more.

You can buy online lottery tickets in India from offshore online lottery sites that also offer viable payment options in India.

It is also highly important that you choose licensed sites only.

Please check our recommended sites list in this page to see which sites are recommended by us.

In general booking online lottery tickets in India can be very safe if you choose licensed and high quality online lottery platforms.

Check our section on recommended sites on this page to see which brands are the most recommended.

There are many reasons for prefering to purchase lottery tickets online and not physically.

Among those reasons are better comfort, safety, access to many popular draws, bigger variety of payment methods and more.

The selection of draws you can book tickets to depends on the site you choose.

The best sites offer a variety of top quality lottery draws from all around the world, including Mega Millions, Power Ball, Euro Millions, SuperEnalotto and many others.

The answer to this question is very simple - The online lottery ticket you buy can win you the maximum jackpot of the draw you chose.

The biggest lotteries winnings of all time include a Powerball jackpot worth 1.586 billion dollars in 2016 and the biggest MegaMillions jackpot was around 1.537 billion dollars!

This means that if you buy tickets for those draws so you are able to get these kinds of jackpots as well, and as you can see - Those jackpots are huge!

The easiest and most convenient way to buy lottery ticket online is via our Jackpotking recommended sites.

These regulated sites prioritize your safety and privacy. By registering an account, you can buy lottery tickets from your desktop or mobile device.

No, it's just the same as normal lottery, and each draw has different probability of winning depending on the draw specific features, number of balls drawn and other factors.

Yes, if you are playing from an international offshore lottery site and from an Indian state that doesn't ban online lottery.


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Enjoy playing online lottery in India 💥 


Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools in deciding which online lottery site and draw is best for you.

The more knowledgable you are, the less chance there is for errors, which automatically increase your chances of enjoying the best online lottery experience. 

We at Jackpotking hope you enjoyed reading our online lottery guide and wish you all the best and hopes you enjoy great success with your online lottery adventures! ❤️


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