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image welcomes you to our blackjack online card game guide. Learn and discover more about the thrilling card game allied with the fable of the fate. It’s a game that relates to the excitement of challenging the unknown. Let’s play online blackjack real money and enjoy a game in which the known laws are said to have no influence.

We invite you to learn the basics and some tricks to increase your chances to win at Black Jack. The name of the game is Blackjack, Black Jack or Twenty-One. Relatives of this highly enjoyable card game include the British version Pontoon and European version Vingt-et-Un.


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Why Makes Blackjack Online Card Game So Popular in India?

If you ask any blackjack player from India what makes playing online blackjack for real money so special. The answers range from the speed of the game to strategy and having fun during gameplay. The main reason why playing blackjack online is so popular is that it gets the player’s blood flowing in great excitement.

The three top reasons Why Indian Players Enjoy Playing Blackjack Online


  • Blackjack is a fast-paced card game in which hands move really quickly after the bets are placed. With every opened or closed box, the game could swing the hand you hold in your favour.
  • Black Jack is not a game based on luck only, it’s a game of strategy. The exciting part is making decisions, every decision count whether it’s placing bets or deciding to stand, split hit or surrender.
  • Blackjack is an online card game that is easy to learn and understand, it requires practice. While practice does make perfect, after just a few rounds you will start enjoying all the thrills that make it game enjoyed around the world.

Let’s Learn and Play Online Blackjack for Real Money guides you through everything you need to know about blackjack, from the objective of the game to how to win. Our guide covers how you beat the dealer, determine hand values and wagering.


Blackjack Online Card Game Objective

jackpotkingWhether you are new to online blackjack or an expert the goal stays the same: try to beat the dealer.

Three ways to beat the dealer:

  • Your hand value beats the hand value of the dealer
  • The dealer draws a hand value that exceeds 21
  • The hand value of your first draw is 21

Two sure ways of losing to the dealer:

  • Your hand value is greater than 21
  • The dealer has a hand value closer to 21 than yours

Determining Hand Values in Playing Blackjack Online

Online blackjack I played with a deck of 52 cards in which suits don’t really matter. Card counts face value from two through to ten. Face cards such as Jack, King and Queen count ten. The Ace can count as one or eleven depending on the value that helps your hand to reach 21.


Playing Blackjack Online

Playing blackjack online offers you access to multiple versions in terms of the number of decks uses and rule variations. Our guide focus on Blackjack played with a six-card deck, while it is also often played with an eight-card deck.

Getting Started

Placing the ante bet is the start of the game, which is followed by the dealing of the cards. The dealer deals each participant two face-up cards and one face-up and one face-down card to himself.

Decide How to Play to Win at Black Jack

The dealing of the cards starts with the person on the left of the dealer, the player then adds the card values and decides how to play. If you have a face card and an Ace, you have a blackjack and get paid at once, unless the dealer has the same. This is called a push and you won’t win or lose your bet.

  • If you’re happy with your first two cards you can stand and play moves to the next player.
  • Should you want more cards to try improving your hand, the dealer deals one card at a time until you stand or bust. (A bust is when your hand reaches a total of over 21)
  • When the total of your hand is beneficial to you, but you feel you need just one more card. You can place another bet equal to the first.
  • If your first two cards are a pair you can add a second bet and split your cards. The dealer split your cards and deal you a second card on each.
  • If you’re not happy with the first two card you can give it up at a cost of half your bet.

Strategy & Dealer’ Hand

The dealer plays once all participants played, he needs to show his hand and hit until he busts or ends up with an overall total of 17 points. The strategy you decide on has a lot to do with the cards you have and the face-up card of the dealer. If the revealed card of the dealer is a four, five or six, you might want to think about doubling your bet if you have a four and Ace. If the dealer’ face-up card is an Ace, nine or ten and you hand total 16, surrender might be an option.

It could be well worth your while to split whenever you’re first two cards are Aces. If your first two cards are a pair of sevens, you might only want to hit it the dealer’s card is an eight or higher.

Payouts and Odds in Online Blackjack Real Money

Multiple factors define the odds of winning, these include the cards already played and the number of decks used. The house edge at the best online casino is around 1% and the payout structure is easy to understand.

Payouts for a regular hand is 1:1 and for a blackjack 3:2. Your odds to win at black jack increases when you play at tables offering the high payout percentages. It’s a great way to make your bankroll stretch while you have the best chance to play, win or break-even.

Winning Hands in Blackjack

jackpotking The number of different blackjack hand combinations are 1,326. The best hand is Ace and 10, which you can expect to show up in general once in around every 20 hands. That works out to around 5% of the time.

The second-best blackjack hand is two 10s totally twenty, it is believed that only two types of players that will split two tens. The foolish players and the card counters since your chances of beating the dealer with a hand total of 20 is pretty good!

The third-best blackjack hand is 11, some doubles down no matter the up-card of the dealer. Other players double up and more experienced players always take the dealers up card into consideration.

The worst blackjack hand is 16, experts believe it’s as bad as it can get and recommend that you should surrender if the upcard of the dealer is 9,10 or Ace. But, if the 16 is made up of two 8’s, there is still the hope of winning via a split. You know the dealer is in bad shape if his face-up card is a 6, which means you should consider double down and split more.

The second worst hand in blackjack is 15 if the face-up card of the dealer is 7 or higher, the first choice is surrender and if it’s not offered just hit. Before you can decide if you have a good or bad hand you do need to consider the face-up card of the dealer. There are three cards you need take into consideration, your two cards and the face-up card of the dealer that do make a huge difference in blackjack.

Variety of Blackjack Players You’ll Meet

One of the exciting things about online blackjack is the variety of players you get to meet. There are no two tables in blackjack that are the same and the vibe can change instantly.


  • If you’re a first time you might feel nervous, although you don’t need to, beginner’s luck might just count in your favour. Don’t be too cocky or scared to ask for advice.
  • Regardless the set of blackjack rules, the serious or smart players focus on the mistakes the average player tends to make. This player actually studies blackjack strategies in order to minimize his own and the house edge.
  • The flat blackjack better is all about consistency and hardly bets more than the minimum required by the table. Even when it’s his lucky day and he wins 14 hands in a row; his bet stays the same.
  • You might see this player as obnoxious or maybe the most enduring, it depends on your analysis. It is like he just watched his favourite movie about gambling again. He became his most loved character; he is ecstatic at first and then mystified after a few rands without a blackjack. strives to provide you with the most accurate and useful information. We wish you hours of enjoyment and the best online blackjack real money experience. While practice makes perfect, you can also enjoy blackjack for free at one of our recommended online gambling sites. Visit us regularly to enjoy our casino reviews, tips and general casino game articles.





Online Blackjack for real money in India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, if you're choosing the right online casino brand it is very secure and reliable to play blackjack online in India. Take a look at our list at the start of this page, we only recommend on top quality online casino brands.

Yes, learning to play blackjack, either online or on physical casinos, is very easy. Check out this page and learn the basics on how learn playing blackjack.

We have to add that becoming skilled in playing blackjack is not only about learning the basics - Actually playing the game is the most important factor in getting experience and improve as a blackjack player. Like many other games, blackjack is no exception - Practice is key.


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