Start playing poker in guide in India (2023): Learn to play now! understands that learning poker do require effort, but at the same time we know it is well worth it. There are many reasons why millions believe poker is the best game. Poker cartels strategy, psychology, mathematics, intuition and luck into excitement and suspense. We guide you toward enjoying the best online poker experience at Indian poker sites.



  • Poker is not one but actually a group of different variations including Texas Hold’Em, Seven-Card Stud, Five-Card Draw and Omaha Hi-Lo. The best way to think about learning the game is that it could be similar to your first driving experience. At first you need to pay attention to everything, with more experience it’s a lot easier, you know what to focus on.
  • There is no recipe in poker, you need to learn from the hands you play. The easiest and best way to practice and learn is online poker. To reach excellence in poker you need to progress from opportunities to probabilities.
    The benefit of online Indian poker sites is that you get to play at a pace that suits you best. When you start playing poker, you can play for as long as you want and practice in free play. It’s a great way to get familiar with all game aspects without the cost.
  • Even if you decide to use really slow play as a form of a bluffing technique. You might not be able to evaluate your hand that quickly, which might show you’re an amateur. In the beginning you might be looking at your poker card sequence without knowing instantly if it is a good hand or not. It takes time to learn that you don’t need the best hand in poker to win. With experience, you’ll know how to better any hand and the difference in different variations.
  • The mystery lies in the cards your opponent holds; in some instances, it could be three of a kind. In others, the opponent might have nothing, four of a kind or better. Your hands are as much of a mystery to them as theirs are to you. It is where bluffing comes in handy, make the unknown work to your advantage.
  • When it comes to mastering the skill of quick card evaluating you have to prepare both a probable and possible range. Playing at one of the best Indian poker sites can massively improve your game. It allows you to play at a pace that enables you to learn all the valuable information. Playing too fast when you start playing poker will result in missing out on things you should notice. The more you practice the easier it is to develop a natural sense of all possibilities you could face in poker.
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Poker Guide for Beginners

The beginners guide focus on how Indian players can enjoy the best poker experience at the finest Indian poker sites. The first and most important step is finding the perfect online poker site from our list of best online casinos.


  • This is key in enjoying the best possible experience. Choose one of the licensed sites on our list of online casino sites to enjoy poker in an environment focussd on the welfare of each player.
  • The real value of any bonus is not always the amount it adds to your bankroll. When it comes to valuing a bonus, you need to take into consideration the wagering and other requirements. Always read the T&C.
  • Once you start enjoying the thrill and excitement of online poker it is hard to stop. Choose a popular online site that attracts a huge poker audience and you will always have great opponents to face.

The Journey Towards Becoming a Great Online Poker Player

The journey towards success in poker is an exciting one in which you learn new skills. Here are a few tips on how to speed up your progress.


  • Get ready for your next poker session by finding a quiet spot where you can avoid interruptions
  • The more you play the more you’ll learn about every possible situation and the game itself
  • Managing your bankroll properly from the start is the best way to enjoy great success as a great online poker player
  • Perfect your game by correctly accessing the playing styles of others. The two assessment categories, level of player aggressiveness and how tight the opponent plays.

Four signs That Show You’ve Passed the Beginners Level

  • Placing smaller bets no longer excites you in the way it did before since you are more confident now.
  • Practicing pays off, it is now much easier to pick up on any opponent’s mistake/s
  • Tiles no longer scare you, because you don’t lack self-confidence, you don’t feel insecure and you stay within your budget
  • Once you’ve learned how to leave your emotions outside the poker room, you can think logically and focus. Which means you bigger opponents are a challenge instead of a threat

Start Playing Poker & Winning

Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards holding four different suits, spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. All four suits in poker are equal and each has 13 cards ranging from 2 up to 10 plus an ace, jack, king and queen. In poker cards sequence ranks do matter and a pair of kings beat a pair of queens or jacks. It is also the reason why a Flush holding a 9 is better than one holding an 8.

The order of hand rankings in poker is extremely important and it is key to winning or losing. Before you start playing poker at Indian poker sites you need to know all about the poker card sequence. We list hand ranking below from the highest to the lowest hand:




  • All cards same suit 10, J, Q, K, A
  • Same suit cards of successive ranks
  • Four cards that are same in rank
  • Three same rank cards plus two of another rank
  • Five same suit cards
  • Five successive rank cards
  • Three same rank cards
  • Two cards that are the same in rank and two of another rank
  • Two same rank cards
  • When your hand holds none of the above, focus on the highest card you have

Learning the terms used in poker makes it a lot easier to enjoy the game regardless of your player level. We list a few of the most commonly used terms:


  • Bets placed before any cards are dealt
  • Used in Hold’em, lower of two blind bets, equal to 1/3 or 2/3 of first bet
  • Full first round bet placed before cards dealt
  • Also known as fourth street, the 4th community card, dealt face up
  • Face up – first three community cards, dealt together
  • Also known as fifth street, the final card dealt by itself face up

Winning with the Best Hand in Poker

jackpotking The best hand in poker is the winning hand, which makes it important to memorize the different hand rankings. If both you and your opponent hold a three of a kind card sequence, the winner is the player with the highest-ranking cards. For example, three 6s wins three 5s.

A full house beats four of a kind when it comes to determining the winner. It two players have the exact same hand and rank, for instance, both have a pair of 7s, the kicker or miscellaneous card comes into play. This is the card in addition to your pairs, the opponent holding the highest kicker then wins.


Poker Variations & Knowing How to Hold’Em

The journey towards becoming a successful player does include a lot of losing hands. It is key to focus rather on winning a large amount than trying to win every time. Poker strategy counts a loth when it comes to losing the smaller amounts and winning huge amounts in poker. Again, it takes practice and work to reach success, but in the end, it is well worth it.

You need to understand the poker cards sequence as well as the poker variation you play, and of course know how to read your opponent. You must feel comfortable with reading into betting patterns, which can give you an accurate idea of what your opponent is holding. At the same time, you need to remain unpredictable to prevent the opponent from reading anything from your betting pattern. Sometimes it requires you to bluff, it always requires you to know when to fold’em and when to hold’em. understands that It takes hundreds if not thousands of hands to reach poker excellence. Our aim is to prepare you via valuable information for the inevitable game at one of our top online gambling sites in India.

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