Play Andar Bahar Game: Rules, Odds & Strategies?

andar bahar game rules odds and strategies


Andar Bahar Card Game refers to the famous Indian gambling game that originates from the southern state of Karnataka. You might also know about this game as Ullae Veliyae or Mangatha in Tamil. Defined as the game of sheer luck, this has been pretty famous among active gamblers.

The Indian players love playing this game as it gives fair chances to every individual to try their luck at gambling. However, even if the game is all about luck, there is a chance to increase your winnings if you know how to play in the Andar Bahar casino properly.

Knowing about the basic rules and some tricks can definitely help you to get to the winning spot. So, if you are starting your gambling journey with this incredibly most popular casino game, here is a thorough expert guide only for you:



What is Andar Bahar Game?

Andar Bahar refers to the online casino game that offers you betting options, and thereby you can try your luck at winning the odds. It is a game of pure chances where the dealer will place the card face up, and the corresponding player can place safe bets on one of the two piles available. The two piles are named Andar, which means inside, or Bahar, which means outside.

The fastest-growing online casino game involves real money, and so you get the chance of winning hefty amounts depending on your choices. Once you understand the concepts of Andar and Bahar, the dealer will be dealing with the cards alternatively to the two piles.

He continues to do so until a card appears that will match the initial card that was selected. The pile where the dealer will find this matching card will be declared the winning pile. According to the online bookmakers, Andar Bahar has become one of the most popular and played latest online casino games in the 21st century.



What’s Katti in Andar Bahar Game?

Katti is a popular game that you can come across while searching for this fantastic Andar Bahar casino game. It is also more or less based on the similar concept of pure chances but is slightly different from the traditional Andar Bahar game.



Understanding Andar Bahar Game Rules

To know how to play Andar Bahar, it is essential to understand the underlying rules that dominate and define this game. Furthermore, it is necessary to know the basic rules to make a wise selection in the game.



First Bet

The Andar Bahar game will start when the Joker card gets exposed. As a player, you will always have an option to wager the first bet either on Bahar or Andhar, depending on your choice. However, remember that the cards are always dealt first on Bahar and then on Andar.

If the first card dealt on the Bahar side is Joker, then all of your bets on this side will be paid as 25% of the total betting amount. And in that case, the Andar is going to lose. But, if your first card for Andar happens to be the Joker, then all the bets placed on it will be paid even money. And in that scenario, the Bahar loses.



Second Bet

Once your first card is drawn on both sides, and the Joker is not yet exposed, the dealer will be announcing the wager on the next or second bet. Now you still have the option to wager the second bet. But if the first card of the second bet on Bahar happens to be the Joker, you will again be paid 25% of the total winning amount or the betting amount. And in that case, the first bet on Bahar will be paid even money.



Players & Cards

In this game, a standard of a 52-card pack is extensively used. The dealer will be operating the bank. There are no restrictions to the number of players sitting around the dealer in a traditional way for placing their bets. In the case of online casinos, always opt for safe payment methods to avoid any fraud. Also, the players here would only be placing their bets and receiving the winning amount, only when successful.



Andar Bahar Game Strategy

The dealer is responsible for shuffling the cards thoroughly in this live casino game. Following that, he will be cutting them and dealing one card each face-up. The first one selected is the card that must be matched and known as the ‘joker’ or the ‘trump card.’ Sometimes the terms might be misleading, especially for those who recently started playing this sports betting game.

Following this, the players can place their bets on either of the two chosen piles known as the Bahar and Andar. The dealer will be the one creating these two piles. Note that the maximum and the minimum amounts for the bets need to be decided prior to the game to avoid any confusion later. And in the case of the casino game, it will be determined by the house.

In offline versions, Andar and Bahar refer to inside and outside, respectively. In the case of the online ones, the layout will be similar; only the difference is that Andar will be on the left, and Bahar will be on the right of the house card. However, the online versions allow different bets to be placed by the gamblers.
After this, the dealer will be dealing the single cards face-up from the remaining deck alternately to both the Bahar and Andar piles.

If the house card happens to be black, the first card goes to the Andar pile.
In case it is red, it goes straight to the Bahar pile. The whole deal seems to continue till the card matches the rank of the house card. Players actively participating in this game will only win if they have placed their bets on the matching pile.



Andar Bahar Odds & Payouts

One thing to learn about this betting game is that there is always a higher chance of getting the first matching card on the side where it was first dealt. And even the payouts will reflect this trend in most cases. Generally, a successful bet on the first card’s side is paid out at odds of 0.9-1, while it is even for the second card, only if it is successful.

So, in layman’s terms, you can say that the color of the house card will be determining the place where the first card is dealt. If the house card happens to be black, the successful bet of 1000 on the Andar pile will pay you 1900, while the successful one on the Bahar pile will pay you 2000.

However, if the house card is red and the successful bet is on the Andar pile, it will pay you 2000. But in case the successful bet is on the Bahar pile, it will pay you Rs 900. This is the way you can calculate your winnings in this gambling game.

According to the most popular online bookmakers, the first card matching to the same side it was dealt with is close to around 51.5%. But of course, the statistics and the winning odds differ depending on your luck and how the entire game rolls out.



Take Away

So, you know that although there is a fundamental rule that encircles the entire gambling game of Andar Bahar, there are still several variants. The more you start practicing and place your bets, the better you learn the Andar Bahar card game strategies to maximize your wins at this game. So, start your gambling journey with Andar Bahar today without any second thoughts.

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