how powerball works
Lottery India 02-12-2022

How Powerball Works? How to Pick Winning Powerball Numbers?

The lottery is the epitome of a low-risk, high-reward scenario – especially when the jackpot is as high as it is right now in November 2022. For just a few dollars, you have the chance to walk away with more money than you could ever dream of. And although the odds are against you, the […]

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Rise of India's skill gaming industry
Uncategorized 14-10-2022

India’s Skill Gaming Industry: The Rise

India is emerging to become one of the gaming powerhouses of the world. According to industry estimations, India has over 400 gaming organizations and around 420 million online gamers. Currently, the gaming sector is growing at a 38% annual rate. India’s skill gaming industry is expected to reach $3.9 billion in value by 2025. The […]

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pure casino brands - casino days, genesis days, luck days, pure win casino
Online Casino 19-07-2022

Top Casino Only Brands: Casino Days, Genesis Days, Luck Days, Pure Win Casino

When it comes to online gaming, there are plenty of options for players in India; including on the web and mobile. That said, are you looking for the best ones available? Let our experts help by sharing their input when it comes to reliability and an enjoyable gaming experience that anyone can have fun with. […]

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1xbet app india
Sports Betting 05-07-2022

1xBet App India 2023 | All You Need To Know

Initially launched in 2007, 1XBet has gone from strength to strength and now boasts over half a million customers scattered around the globe. And that number is rising week on week, which means it’s one of the fastest-growing software businesses in the world right now. Many first-time customers enjoy the impressive number of sports betting […]

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