Online lottery FAQ – Can I buy lottery tickets online in India? Which lottery is the best in India? Get to know all the answers and more


Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India
We all dream about the day we win the lottery! Is it a lack of knowledge that prevents us from taking action? Are you wondering if it’s easy or complicated to buy lottery ticket online , which lottery is best in India? Where can I buy lottery tickets online in India and is it safe to buy online lottery tickets in India? Maybe you’re just wondering which is the biggest lottery in India? Today is the day, Jackpotking answers your online lottery questions!

Knowledge is power might be a famous equation coined in 1597 by Francis Bacon, but it is strongly believed that this cliché proves to be true in many instances. believes success comes into play when we take what we know and apply it to measure the risks we take. It is not the knowledge that gives us power, real power comes from the way we use it!

Online Lottery Tickets in India – Here is our special Jackpotking Q&A!


Online Lottery Tickets in India


  • 1.Q: How does it work when I decide to buy lottery ticket online?
    A: The easiest and most convenient way to buy lottery ticket online is via Jackpotking recommended sites. These regulated sites prioritize your safety and privacy. By registering an account, you can buy lottery tickets from your desktop or mobile device.


  • 2.Q: Is it possible for a person from India to play International lotteries?
    A: Yes, you can play all the biggest lotteries such as Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, O Lotto, UK Lottery, Mega Sena and many others from India.


  • 3.Q: How can I buy lottery tickets online in India?
    A: Stay right here on the Jackpotking website and scroll down to the lottery site you wish to buy your ticket from. Select the “play now” button, which takes you directly to the lottery website. On the upper right-hand side of your screen, select “create an account”. Fill in the required information and open an account within minutes. Once your account is active you can buy lottery tickets online from India.

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Best Lottery Site in India

  • 4.Q: Do Jackpotking recommended Lottery sites offer welcome bonuses?
    A: Yes! As a new member you do qualify for a welcome bonus at Jackpotking recommended online lottery sites. Welcome offers vary although you can expect to start your online lottery experience with a free entry into one of the largest lotteries in the world.


  • 5.Q: Does it matter which lottery is best in India? How do I claim my Jackpot?
    A: All that matters is that you buy a lottery ticket at an online site that offers a huge jackpot. The only way to win the best lottery in India is to hold a winning ticket. Jackpotking online lottery sites make it easy to claim your jackpot, your winnings are paid automatically into your online account.


  • 6.Q: Will it be possible to transfer lottery winnings into my personal bank account in India?
    A: The two most asked questions are, can I buy lottery tickets online in India? The second, will it be possible to transfer winnings to my bank. The answer on both is yes. When you register an online account with any of the lottery sites, part of setting up your account is choosing from several banking methods. The banking method you select can be used to claim your lottery winnings.


  • 7.Q: What is the probability of winning when I buy online lottery tickets in India?
    A: Several factors influence your chances of winning the lottery – design, number of balls matched and whether number order matters.

Probability versus Number of Balls Matched in Lotto with 49 Numbers


Play Lotto with Jackpot King

  • Probability

    Number of Matched Number of Balls

  • 1 in 13,983,816


  • 1 in 54,201


  • 1 in 1,032


  • 1 in 57


  • 1 in 7.6


  • 1 in 2.4


  • 1 in 2.3



  • 8.Q: What happens if I buy lottery ticket online and win a massive jackpot?
    A: If you win after you buy lottery ticket online it is important to know that not all winnings are paid necessarily in a lump sum. As the winner, you can mostly choose if you prefer a one-time payment or annuity payments. In most cases, annuities can be over a period of up to 30 years, and there is often a balloon payment in the last year.


  • 9.Q: What is the “Curse of the Lottery”?
    A: Studies by experts in several countries showed that 70% of those lucky enough to enjoy a huge influx of wealth, such as winning the lottery would lose most their money within a few years. Several admitted that they lost all to greed, luck of control and any future plan.


Blessing of Winning the Lottery – 30% of lottery jackpot winners became serious about making their fortune work for them. Most called in investment experts and never worked another day in their lives. Winning the jackpot changes your life forever, isn’t it amazing that you get to decide if it’s for the better or worse.

Which Lottery is Best in India

  • 10.Q: Which Lottery is Best in India?
    A: In terms of deciding which lottery is best in India, you need to take a few things into consideration. India has many lotteries and 13 out of 28 states allow lotteries. The public ban by the other states in India is ineffective since most Indians enjoy the convenience, privacy and variety of online lotteries.


  • 11.Q: What is the main benefit in terms of Online vs Store-Purchased Tickets?


  • Online Lottery Ticket

    Store-Purchased Lottery Ticket

  • Join lottery site

    Find closest store to buy lottery ticket

  • Sign-up, deposit, purchase

    Travel wait in queue and buy ticket

  • Replay or quick pic options

    Visit store every time to get tickets

  • Instant results available on-site

    Search results after published

  • Enjoy major boosts from bonuses

    Printed ticket easy to lose

  • Free betting tips

    Quick pick available

  • Purchase tickets via mobile devices

    Might be a nice way to socialize

  • 24/7 Help available to online members

    Enjoy excitement of the crowd in queue

  • No paper ticket, much safer choice

Which is the biggest lottery in India

  • 12.Q: Which is the biggest lottery in India?
    A: In terms of which is the biggest lottery in India, it might be best to look at the largest lottery payouts. On the 29th of April 2020, the Indian Express announced that a lottery participant from India could win ₹15 Billion in prize money in the US Mega Million Jackpot. The largest or record lottery in history was the $1.586 billion US Powerball Jackpot in 2016. While the second largest was the Mega Millions Jackpot worth $1.536 billion in 2018.


  • 13.Q: How much did the biggest lottery winners in India win?


  • Year

    Lottery Winner


    Equivalent in USD

  • 2008

    Kirti & Ashok Patel

    Rs 8 crore

    $1 million USD

  • 2012

    Sunny Singh

    $30.5 Million

  • 2017

    Balray Awasthi

    $12.8 Million

  • 2018

    Nandall Mangal

    1800 crore

    $245.6 Million

  • 2020

    Lingaraju D

    ₹3.8 crores

    $514,000 USD

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Biggest Lotteries in India

  • 14.Q: Do Jackpotking offer any tips on how to increase your chances of winning the biggest lotteries in India?

A: Jackpotking tips can indeed increase your chances of winning the biggest lotteries in India:

  • First of all, decide how much you want to spend on lottery tickets every month.
  • If you play the lottery weekly divide your bankroll into four weeks
  • To increase your chances of winning purchase more than one lottery ticket
  • Forming a pool with friends or colleagues increase both your funds and chances of winning
  • Follow the lotteries, get to know the rules of each, choosing the right lottery is vital to your success
  • Study the online lottery statistics, get to know the numbers most likely to win. For example, in Powerball, the luckiest numbers according to statistics are 6, 3, 18, 13, 24 and 21 leaves no stone unturned in guiding Indian in finding top online gambling sites in India, be it online casino, sport betting or lottery sites. A lottery site where it is safe to buy lottery ticket online is top priority at Jackpotking. Buying online tickets at sites that focus on which lottery is best in India or which is the biggest lottery in India increase your chances of winning. Your convenience is important, and we partnered with online lottery tickets in India sites where you can buy lottery tickets online in India and enjoy 24/7 support.

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