Buy Online Lottery Tickets in India: Easy Guide (2022)


Welcome to our special guide on lottery tickets purchase in India.


In this guide you will learn the many aspects on the online lottery ticket booking process and in the end you’ll know exactly how to buy online lottery tickets in India. 


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Some of the top lottery jackpot draws you can buy tickets for are:



Mega Millions Logo


American jackpot. Biggest jackpot of a $1.537 billion!

SuperEnaLotto logo


Italian jackpot. Biggest jackpot of a €209 million!

Powerball Logo


American jackpot. Biggest jackpot of a $1.58 billion!


EuroMillions Logo


European jackpot. Biggest jackpot of a €230 million!


European jackpot. Biggest jackpot of a €120 million!

Many other top draws like El-Gordo, Cash4Life, Powerball Plus, Mega Sena, La Primitiva, Oz Lotto and many others!



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Why is online lottery ticket booking is a better option than buying physical lottery tickets?


🔐  More secure and reliable


You can’t lose your ticket if you bought it online, and the sites we recommend here are top of the industry regarding reliability and security.


Here at Jackpotking we are only talking about top licensed lottery websites that pay their winners every day and week. Those sites are also encrypted and secure to keep your personal and financial data safe. In short, you can’t lose your ticket with those top sites, your data is safe with them and if you win, you will get your money!


🌐  Wider scope of draws


A top lottery site offers you a very wide selection of draws to choose from. From world renown lottery draws like Mega Millions, PowerBall and Euro Millions to more niche and localized draws like ElGordo, CASH4LIFE and France loto – These sites have them all and many, many more draws.


This means that instead of choosing only one lottery provider or sticking only to local lottery, on these sites you can get access to purchase tickets for top lottery draws from all around the world from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone.


💵  Big selection of payment methods


Buying lottery tickets online from a top side opens you to a wide variety of payment methods for your comfort. You can pay with e-wallets, bank transfers and even crypto!


The real top sites even offer you the chance the use India’s favorite methods such as UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, Google-Pay and many others.


The selection of ways to deposit and withdraw your money on those online sites is much bigger and basically gives you much more options to choose from than when buying physical lottery tickets.


🪙  Enjoy special prices and promotions


While the prices are mainly the same when buying lottery tickets physically, the sitation is totally different when booking a lottery ticket online.


There is an array of different and specific prices for each draw and there are tons of discounts and promotions to choose from, which gives you the option to also choose by price and of course, pick discounts and promos to help you cut costs.


To sum up, when it comes to ticket prices, it’s much more flexible when booking a ticket online.


📜  Mainly legal and safe in almost all of India


While physical lottery might be banned in many Indian states, buying online lottery tickets is in the grey area for most states.


This basically means that online lottery is not illegal in almost all Indian states (Apart from West Bengal) as long as the site is offshore and offers legit payment methods for Indian players.


Therefore you are legally allowed to book you lottery tickets online from all Indian states apart from West Bengal (Which there it’s also possible but at your own risk).  Check our specific section below for more in-depth info about this matter.


📱  Much more comfortable


When it comes to comfort, buying lottery tickets online beats physically buying paper tickets any time. It’s much easier to book you tickets with an online site via your laptop, home desktop or mobile phone from the comfort of wherever you choose to be. 


Almost all the top lottery sites are mobile friendly and offer a fantastic mobile experience and this brings great versatility to you, you can book your tickets from your mobile for top draws from basically anywhere.


Therefore, the flexibility and comfort of buying the tickets online is a huge advantage contrary to buying lottery paper tickets physically.


🔎  Full access to results from all the draws in one place


Booking tickets from a lottery sites offer you a one go-to place to go and check the results for all the draws.


This comes very handy if you bought tickets for different draws and you can basically buy the tickets for all those draws and check the results for them all at the same place. Very comfortable!


🎰  Many more options to play


While lottery is king for top online lottery sites, many of those sites offer other kinds of games and options to play on apart from lottery. 


Those options include Keno games, casino games and even sports betting and the variety of those extra games depends on each lottery sites.


For example, Lotto247 offers a variety of Keno and casino games apart from its world class selection of lotteries.


This variety of games doesn’t exist when buying lottery tickets physically so it’s a big advantage to buying them online.



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Things to consider when you buy online lottery tickets in India


While the ticket buying process is very easy and straightforward, as mentioned in the previous section, there are some factors for consideration before making your ticket purchase.



Go only with licensed sites


Always buy online lottery tickets only from licensed sites. We only list licensed sites on Jackpotking and recommend you to always opt for sites that hold a gambling license, preferably even from more than one gambling authority. 


A licensed site offers a lot more secure and reliable exprience specifically for online lottery site, but generaly for all the gambling sites with other games like casino games or betting. Stick only to licensed gambling sites.


📝  Give real and accurate details


After choosing a site, when registering to the lottery sites make sure to only give your true and accurate details (No fake names!).


This is very important because if you’ll give the wrong or inaccurate details and win a draw it can cause complications with actually receiving the money you deserve.


🎫  Research the draws well before buying the ticket


Check and research exactly which draw you want to participate in. The selection of lottery draws in lottery sites is very big and many of them offer a chance to buy tickets from many draws.


Choose the one you like the most and of course consider the timing of the draw, the winning chances and of course – The jackpot sum!


🎁  Check the prices and promotions on offer


Carefully check the prices of each draw and the available promotions on offer. Many of the online lottery sites sell tickets with special promos for multi tickets, discounted tickets for specific draws, cashback offers and many other attractive offers.


Look out for those promotions before choosing which lottery ticket you go with.


💳  Don’t forget about the payment methods


Before you choose the site to buy tickets from, check the available payment methods on the site carefully, for both deposits and withdrawals.


Please be aware that the top sites for Indian players mostly offer you the popular payment methods in India such as Paytm, Google-Pay, UPI, PhonePe and some others so pick the site that offers the best one for you.


Also, please remember that the available methods for deposits might be different from those who are available for withdrawals, and each lottery site offers different payment options. 


It’s absolutely essential that you double check on the payment options before you choose the site you want to go with. Those methods will be the methods that you will deposit you funds and of course withdraw them if you hit the jackpot! 



The pointers above are all extremely important to look into before you buy your online lottery tickets. We highly recommend you to give considerable thoughts to each of them before you purchase your tickets, it might actually greatly boost your chances to win!



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The available online lottery draws and ticket prices in India


When speaking online lottery ticket prices they tend to vary from site to site and also depends on the selection of offered draws, and there are also discounts and promotions to add more fun and thrill.


The ticket prices are basically for a single entry, but there are also special prices for multiple entries and each lottery sites holds different discounts and promos for different lottery draws.



We have added a table with the base tickets prices for the most popular draws in two of our favorite online lottery brands, check them out:


Lottery Draw Name Lotto247 Entry Price (₹) Playhugelottos Entry Price ($)
₹290 $5.5
₹290 $5.5
₹252 $6.75
₹210 $6.75
₹252 $3.75
₹168 $4.2
₹294 $4.2
₹252 $4.2
₹252 $3.75
₹168 $4
₹168 $4.6
₹126 $3
₹168 $5
₹248 $6.75
 ₹105 $1.9
Please be aware that the ticket prices on the table above may vary and change.
The ticket prices depend only on the lottery sites, therefore we encourage you to also check the prices yourself when you book your lottery tickets. Enjoy!







Is buying online lottery tickets in India legal?  📃


If we speak on a general note, it is mainly legal and safe in almost to buy online lottery tickets in almost all of India.



🟡 Legally the situation of physical lottery in India is actually very complex and also depends on the specific states laws and regulations.


🟡 Some states like Goa, Assam, Sikkim and others allow physical state lotteries (Paper tickets) while others like Telangana, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh prohibit physical lotteries.


🟡 The situation of online lottery is much easier legally than the one of physical lotteries. There are mainly no rules regarding online lottery specifically so it’s federally not illegal. This means the states rules and regulations are the ones who dicatate the approach of each state regarding online lottery.


🟡 We are happy to report that in case of almost all of the Indian states apart from West Bengal there are no rules against online lotteries so it’s generally permitted to purchase lottery tickets from those sites.



However, please keep in mind that you can buy tickets without breaking any law only from sites fulfill the two terms below:



🌎 Offshore online lottery sites that reside outside of India, this means their headquarters also should be located outside of India.


💳 Sites that offer valid payment methods for players from India.



If you stick to those two terms and keep in mind to book tickets only from licensed sites, you’ll generally be ok.



Regarding West Bengal specifically, players from there can buy online lottery tickets from offshore sites even though it’s illegal on this state and there are rules banning online lottery.


While it’s possible to book lottery tickets online from West Bengal and you will most probably will not be prosecuted.


You should be aware that you do it only at your own risk and responsibility so take considerations before you make your decisions.






So how does an online lottery ticket look?


The answer to that is very simple, online lottery tickets look pretty much the same as physical paper lottery tickets.


The only difference is that you won’t carry them physically, they will wait for you on your account in the lottery site you’ve chosen.


There will be slight visual differences between the appearances of each lottery site when you book your tickets, but the principle will basically be the same.




Here are examples of the two top brands:



Lotto247 logo


Choose your draw first after you registered and logged in, and then the ticket booking screen will appear for you to book your tickets.


Here’s how the ticket booking screen looks for the Mega Millions draw:


Mega Millions Ticket Example - Lotto247



Just choose the number of entries you want, choose the lucky numbers (According to each draw’s requirements) and click the Play Now button. Enjoy!



🟡 Check our Lotto247 review to learn more about this fantastic site.



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After registering and logging in to Playhugelottos, choose the draw you want to purchase tickets for and click it.



You will be forwarded to Playhugelottos ticket purchase screen.


From there you will be able to choose if you want the numbers to be chosen for you (Quick Pick) or to choose the numbers manually yourself.




Here’s how it looks for the Power Ball draw:


Power Ball Ticket Example - Playhugelottos



Choose your lucky numbers or pick the Quick Pick option for them to get chosen for you, pick the number of entries.


Then click Add to Cart below and finalize the buying process after clicking on your cart on the top of the screen.



🟡 Check our Playhugelottos review to learn more in-depth info on this great site.



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🟡 You’ll be able to choose your the number of entries you want choose you lucky numbers for, and you’ll be asked to choose your lucky numbers + the bonus number just like in physical lottery.


The number of lucky numbers per entry depends on the draw you choose. Enjoy!





Online lottery tickets purchase in India: Step by step guide


The whole process of purchasing online lottery tickets in India is actually very easy and quick, but you have to pay good attention to the online lottery site you choose to buy the tickets from.



1️⃣ Choose the site you want to buy the tickets from, if you need help with that check our best online lottery sites in India page or check the top sites list in the current page.



2️⃣ Sign up to the website you chose and log in to it.



3️⃣ Make a deposit to the site from you favorite deposit method.



4️⃣ Choose the draw you want to play on.



5️⃣ Choose your lucky numbers and number of entries.



6️⃣ Finalize the tickets and wait for the draw to check if you won!



Buy ticketsBuy tickets



🟡 While the main process is very straightforward, there are minor changes between each online lottery provider but they all offer a very similar tickets purchase process.





From which sites should I buy my online lottery tickets from?



We have checked and reviewed many lottery and casino sites and will recommend on top sites only.


For a full read on the recommended sites please visit our online lottery in India page.




Here is the list of the current online lottery sites we recommend to buy tickets from:




50% First deposit bonus up to 100$ & more

🟠 Amazing world renowned lottery brand all the top games


Playhugelottos is one of the top sites around, and for good reasons!


A fantastic blend of top lottery draws and decent payment options for Indian players with quick processing makes this brand a great choice to buy to tickets from.


Please take a look at our full Playhugelottos review for more in depth info on this fantastic site. Highly recommended!


Popular available draws and games: PowerBall, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, France Loto, Oz Lotto, PowerBall Plus, Mega Sena,, Cash4Life, El Gordo, SuperEnaLotto, UK Lottery, Keno and casino games and many others!


Payment options: AstroPay (Including UPI and all options within), MuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, Visa/Mastercard, many cryptocurrencies and other methods


Minimum deposit: $5


Gambling license: Of course, Curacao gambling license.


Mobile friendly: Yes, fully.



Our score: 5/5⭐ , very recommended!



Get ticketsGet tickets








50% first deposit bonus first deposit up to €100 & more

🟠 Huge lottery brand with all the top games and added casino options


Lotto247 is an amazing online lottery site and platform and is one of the best international sites for online lottery!


The draws selection is fantastic, the variety of payment options is well suited for player from India, the platform is fully mobile friendly and there is even a full support in Hindi in addition to English.


For a full write up on this great lottery platform check out our full Lotto247 review, you can already understand we love it!



Popular available draws and games:  El Gordo, Euro Jackpot, Euro Millions, France Loto, SuperEnaLotto, Super Ena Max, UK lottery, La Primitiva, Lotto 6aus49, Mega Millions, Mega Sena, Oz Lotto, Oz Powerball, Powerball, Powerball Plus, Mega Millions Max,Keno, casino and live casino games and many others!


Payment options: AstroPay (This option includes inside UPI, Paytm, Netbanking and many other methods that are popular in India), Skrill, Neteller, Visa/Mastercard, cryptos and manhy other methods.


Minimum deposit: ₹450


Mobile friendly: Yes, fully mobile 



Our score: 5/5⭐ , fantastic!



Get ticketsGet tickets





🟠 The above list is ongoing and changes from time to time, we can assure you that we only recommend on top online lottery platforms!





Wrapping up


We hope you enjoyed reading this Online lottery ticket purchase guide and it was helpful to you.


Buying lottery tickets online has become a fantastic option for players from India, and we hope that you enjoy and hopefully win a jackpot along the way!



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Online lottery ticket booking in India Guide (2022) – FAQ

It is legal to purchase online lottery tickets in India in almost all states, but you have to make sure you buy the tickets from offshore sites only.


In addition, the site you choose to buy tickets from also has to offer payment options that are valid in India.


Check our dedicated section about legality in this page to learn more.

You can buy online lottery tickets in India from offshore online lottery sites that also offer viable payment options in India.


It is also highly important that you choose licensed sites only.


Please check our recommended sites list in this page to see which sites are recommended by us.

In general booking online lottery tickets in India can be very safe if you choose licensed and high quality online lottery platforms.


Check our section on recommended sites on this page to see which brands are the most recommended.

There are many reasons for prefering to purchase lottery tickets online and not physically.


Among those reasons are better comfort, safety, access to many popular draws, bigger variety of payment methods and more.

The selection of draws you can book tickets to depends on the site you choose.


The best sites offer a variety of top quality lottery draws from all around the world, including Mega Millions, Power Ball, Euro Millions, SuperEnalotto and many others.

The answer to this question is very simple - The online lottery ticket you buy can win you the maximum jackpot of the draw you chose.


The biggest lotteries winnings of all time include a Powerball jackpot worth 1.586 billion dollars in 2016 and the biggest MegaMillions jackpot was around 1.537 billion dollars!


This means that if you buy tickets for those draws so you are able to get these kinds of jackpots as well, and as you can see - Those jackpots are huge!



Get ticketsGet tickets



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