Pro kabaddi Betting Tips in 2022

Pro kabaddi betting tips

Betting is one of your favourite pastimes, but you hardly make any profits. So why not start selecting the best betting site or Indian mobile gaming app that can offer you secured gateways to place your bets and help you to win real-time money? That must sound interesting to you, but you still are pretty clueless about the most popular casino game to choose for next year.

You already have been showering all your love to the cricket and football games. So why not try placing your bets on Kabaddi, which is also one of India’s most popular betting games? According to the online bookmakers and betting experts, this game will be trending throughout the next year and the fastest-growing betting platform for new gamers. 

If you are new to this betting concept, this article can be the perfect guidebook for placing your bets on the upcoming Pro Kabaddi betting games in 2022 and help you improve your chances of winning more bets simultaneously. 


What is Pro Kabaddi Betting?

Honestly, Kabaddi can never be compared to traditional football or cricket betting games. But it is an exciting game that can surely give you a sudden adrenaline rush every time your favourite player wins.

Let’s check out a little more about Pro Kabaddi here. It is India’s professional Kabaddi league that was launched in 2014. Generally, you can find some Indian Premier League inspiration in the layouts of this game. 

However, the game has garnered a lot of attention from the viewers, which is why betting on this platform can be a real transition for you in the betting world. Even if you consider yourself a novice in the betting world, you still get to amplify your winnings only if you follow the expert tips that follow next. 


1) Expert Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League seems inspired by the homegrown domestic tournaments highlighted above. The league gives the kabaddi players an active and popular platform to demonstrate their talent and true potential. With a viewership of more than 522 million, it gives you the best platform to start your betting journey today. If you are looking for expert tips to master your bets, understanding a little more about the game can be helpful:


2) Start Learning The Basic Gameplay

Before placing any bets on any game online, you must understand the primary rules of the game properly. Also, it is essential to understand the sport and the betting rules to avoid any disqualifications later. 

In the case of Pro Kabaddi League Betting, two teams participate in the game and take turns to raid and defend. In the raiding team, the player or raider needs to enter the defending team’s court, touch one or even more defenders and return to his court safely within the estimated 30 seconds. While doing so, the raider needs to chant “kabaddi” continually during the raid. In case he misses it out, he will be immediately eliminated. And for every defender, he manages to tag. 

But he also needs to defend himself from getting tagged by the defending team. And the difficulty starts here. The raider can face any of the seven or remaining members of the defending team while he manages to tag the others simultaneously. 


In the case of Pro Kabaddi League Matches, the rules are:

  • Each kabaddi team will have at least ten players in the squad. The maximum number of players allowed is twelve here.
  • The duration of the match is for forty minutes which will be divided into two sessions equally.
  • The toss-winning team will decide to select the side of the court or even to raid. However, in the second half of the Kabaddi game, the side will be switched automatically. 
  • In case the raider forgets to chant “kabaddi,” he will be immediately eliminated.
  • Each kabaddi team will be allowed to take the 90 seconds time-out in each match but with prior permission from the referee.


3) Select Your Team Wisely

The following betting tip for you has to be about the selection of the Pro Kabaddi League match team. So plan your game well enough and decide wisely about selecting the Pro Kabaddi team before placing your bets. 

Betting on Kabaddi might seem like an exciting game plan right now, but if you aren’t cautious about your dream players, then you might lose out on winning the bets. The critical point in amplifying your winnings is to select the best defenders and riders for your team. 

Understand the players’ performance while selecting the captain and vice-captain for the team before you aim for the best odds to bet on Kabaddi in India. In case you get slightly confused about choosing your team, ensure to follow the Kabaddi predictions and even get tips from the most popular online bookmakers available in the market. 


4) Combinations Work, If You Know How

You know how combinations can work in your favour if you know how to make a wise choice if you’ve ever played any of the greatest online casino games. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, look into the history of Indian Kabaddi players as well as their performance records.

According to professional gamblers, such a trick can do wonders for newbies in the gambling world. Such records can help you understand the patterns of the players and thereby help you make a wise decision for betting online. 

However, considering the PKL odds can also be helpful, and with the pro kabaddi match prediction, you can even predict how the kabaddi players can perform in the upcoming matches. So, please keep a close tab on their previous playing history and do not forget to always stay updated with the information available on the top Indian online gambling sites.


5) Never Sign Up For Scam Sites

You will come across multiple online casino games that offer you easy registration or login options along with lucrative bonuses. However, never let such rewards cloud your judgment, as many fake sites are available in the digital world. Even for the Pro Kabaddi League, you can find many sites offering you fantasy games with multiple betting options. Although they might look legit, thorough background research will reveal an accurate picture. 

Open your account only when you know that the site is reliable with a proper license and previously proven statistics related to such online betting games. Never sign up unless you have appropriate secure betting experience with the platform. 


6) Tables & Statistics

If you are a sports lover, you know how essential it is to understand statistics and mathematics while you bet on India’s most popular sports. These two form the core of any sport in today’s world. So, if you want to place safer bets, understand how every player plays according to numbers and statistics. 

According to the famous gamblers, Kabaddi too follows the mathematical patterns. So look closely at how statistics play into the total number of raids, fouls, tackles, etc. Considering these numerical data can help you determine every player’s skill level and thereby make safer bets for greater wins.

Let’s understand this strategy with an example here. If you want to bet on the Indian Kabaddi team, find out who scored the highest raids from the opponent team in the tournament. The statistics can definitely change a little, and based on that player’s nature and previous record, you can determine how to place the bet on the next game.


7) Trust Your Instincts

Finally, always trust your instinct, whether you are an experienced gambler or a new one in this gambling world. Your inner gut feeling is almost correct most of the time. So, before making any deposit, always understand how you feel about the game, bookie, his previous records, the players and their achievements in the tournaments, etc. 


Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips: Pick the Best Site of Your Choice

As per the top bookmakers, Kabaddi will be maintaining its highest rank as a popular sports betting site in India. But as this game continues to rise, there will be a tough competition to place your bets safely. Therefore, the pro tip here is to look for old and genuine betting sites that can offer you:


  • Safe and secured payment methods
  • Attractive joining or welcome bonus
  • 24*7 customer care services
  • Live tournament data 
  • Betting guide and updated strategies 
  • Detailed updated information about the game
  • Flexible usage of the free bonus funds
  • Old bookies
  • Reasonable odds to place your bets on
  • Sufficient period to meet the online betting wagering needs


Tips to Master

These are a few points to consider while placing your bets on any online games across the country. First, however, always look for genuine sites that offer you the best sport betting odds that can get you better returns. Initially, it might be a little time-consuming, but the research is worth your energy and time. Remember, the better you get at choosing the odds, the higher the returns will be.

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