How To Sign Up & Make A Deposit In Dafabet India?

Dafabet India Sign up and Deposit Money

Dafabet brings the broadest smile to the faces of millions of gamers worldwide. It is one of the leading betting sites in Asia that offers multiple gaming products like online casino, sports betting, flash games, live online casino games, and much more. Hers in this article we will review Dafabet, on how to sign up and make a deposit in Dafabet India effortlessly with our step-by-step guide.



What Is Dafabet India? 

Well, Dafabet is privately owned by a famous online gambling company that is a subsidiary of AsianBGE. The company is based mainly in Makati, Philippines. It is regulated and licensed by FCLRC (First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation) and CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority).

So, you see, it might not be an Indian company, but it is widely popular in this country. Most probably, it is legal to play Dafabet in India. Although the strict gaming laws still highlight that online sports betting might be restricted in many states.

But playing on any gaming sites like Dafabet isn’t clearly stated in those laws. And the situation gets slightly positive for the gamers as the gambling website has legal licenses to operate. In addition, the website is also the official sponsor for multiple English Premier League teams. So, next time you check out this betting site, start placing bets without any worries.



What Is Dafabet All About?

Dafabet, as highlighted above, is one of the leading sports betting companies in Asia. The company has soon become a dominant name in the Indian gambling market due to its legal betting platform, secure payments, latest online games, and many more in-built features. In addition, you can find both the website and application to use directly on your smartphone while you travel around.

Along with this, Dafabet also offers you excellent sports coverage that includes both live betting and streaming. So, even if you do not want to start betting as of now, you can watch all your favorite games and various leagues from every corner of the world here. And the moment you are ready to try your luck and follow your sports betting passion, the platform will be ready for you without any complication.



How To Sign Up In Dafabet India?

Dafabet India targets global audiences. Therefore, the creators have made the entire signing up or Dafabet login process seamless for every user. Just a few steps to follow, and you can open your account on Dafabet without any hassle.

The website would ask you to provide valid contact and account details, including username, password, email address, phone number. Remember that you can sign up only when you give an unregistered email address and password on this website. If any of them is already registered on Dafabet, you will be prompted to provide the appropriate password for login purposes.



Basic Information Requirement for Indian Players from Dafabet India 

Some of the basic information needed for signing up on Dafabet India is undermentioned:

 a) Your first name as per your bank account information or your PAN card details

 b) Your last name as per your bank account information or your PAN card details

 c) Your date of birth as per your bank account information or your PAN card details

 d) Please select the appropriate currency; in this case, it would be INR

 e) Select country in case you want to use Dafabet from any other country except India


Providing these data and information would make you eligible to create a valid account on Dafabet. Remember that you have to verify your mobile number, email ID, legal name, and identity to proceed with the registration process.

Also, you need to be officially above 18 years of age to become a professional gambler on the official website of Dаfаbеt India. As the site has its legal license, hence it also has strict terms and conditions. So ensure to go through them while you research how to register on Dafabet.



How To Create a Dafabet Account In India?

Start creating your account on Dafabet India by following these easy steps and verify your account successfully to start placing your bets:

  • Visit the Dаfаbеt Indiа’s official website
  • Click on the “JOIN NOW” option right on the top navigation bar
  • You will proceed to the registration page
  • As already highlighted, make sure to provide the valid PAN card details to proceed
    Click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” option

As you can withdraw your money and make substantial deposits on this platform, it is compulsory to verify your contact details. Your PAN card or Aadhaar card details can help the platform verify your identity properly.

Please remember that Dafabet India strictly follows the AML and KYC policies as per international standards. In case of any errors or defects identified by the platform during identity verification, your account might be kept on hold.



How To Deposit Money On Dafabet In India?

One of the common questions that users often ask about this platform is “how to deposit on Dafabet?” Of course, playing becomes easy on any such gambling site, provided that it can offer you secured gateways for both deposits and withdrawals. According to many most popular online bookmakers, depositing money seems to be pretty seamless on Dafabet India.

Registration with valid credentials is the first step you need to fulfill before using the platform’s detailed services. For registration, you need to fill the form and agree to the site’s terms and conditions. Once done successfully, the site will send you an activation link to the valid email address that you provided for registration purposes. It is the link responsible for activating your new Dafabet betting app account.

Once your Dafabet account is activated successfully, you can visit the cashier page by clicking on the “Deposit” button. You can find this button in your “My Account” section.

You can find suitable payment methods that offer you genuine, encrypted gateways for secured deposits. Select the one from the given list of Dafabet deposit methods to start placing your bets soon.

After this, you need to provide the amount you wish to deposit in the given field and select the “Make Payment” button. Once done, you will be redirected to the page where you can successfully authenticate the payment. If you are slightly confused, do not worry.


Here is a step-wise guide for you to deposit your money in Dafabet without worries:

  • Activate your account using the verification link sent to your valid email address
  • Go to your “My Account” section on the Dafabet site or app and click on the “Deposit” tab
  • Select the deposit method to make Dafabet minimum deposit in India
  • Authorize your bank or any other chosen payment method to start placing your bets on Dafabet


Did you know that the platform offers you attractive deposit bonuses along with the registration ones? Yes, that is one of the fundamental reasons it is the fastest-growing high odds sports betting site in this country.

So, all the new players, get ready to claim your lucrative welcome as well as deposit bonuses from Dafabet India. Along with that, the Dafabet platform also offers you promotional newsletters to help you stay updated with all gaming trends and news.



Frequently Asked Questions on Dafabet India

1. Is It Safe For Anyone To Make Deposits On Dafabet India?

Ans: Yes, Dafabet India offers you a safe gaming environment along with reliable payment methods. It only accepts the payment gateways that provide top-notch security mechanisms.

Also, Dafabet makes sure to encrypt the website with proper security layers and filters with industry-grade firewall protection. Thus, with continual technical and security advancement, it becomes impossible for the hackers to intercept or even modify any user personal information on Dafabet’s official website.


2. Did you know that Dafabet also has proper anti-money laundering policies?

Ans: You already know that you need to make a minimum deposit in Dafabet before you can withdraw your winning amount successfully.

But if you haven’t won that amount in any game, you need to pay heft charges to withdraw the same from the platform. Also, you are permitted to deposit funds only from the official bank account that tallies with your credentials registered on the Dafabet exchange website. So, all-in-all, you get excellent security for bankrolling your money as well as fate on this platform.


3. What Is The Dafabet Minimum Deposit?

Ans: Before you can place bets and start calculating your winnings, you need to make safe deposits on Dafabet. Generally, you need to deposit USD 10 or EUR 15, the minimum amount to be deposited on Dafabet.

Once you verify your account, you can choose to deposit your money. However, in case you are depositing on Dafabet India, the amount is around INR 500.

The platform has kept the value to a minimal amount to target the global audience and motivate every gambling soul to try their luck on Dafabet. However, the maximum amount is restricted to INR 30 lakhs. However, note that for both minimum and maximum money deposits on Dafabet, the value can vary depending on your chosen payment gateway.


4. What Are The Betting Options Available On Dafabet India?

Ans: The sports betting section available on Dafabet India includes cricket betting, football betting, pro kabaddi, horse race betting, and online casino games like Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, and so on.


5. Why Choose Dafabet India?
Ans: According to the reviews by top online bookmakers, Dafabet India happens to be a reliable platform for online sports gambling. It offers you live betting sessions and results along with a smooth gaming experience.

You can find everything at this stop, from top games to reliable bookmakers, the latest gaming statistics, and the upcoming forecast. And the best aspect of this platform is that you never have to worry about legal issues as it operates with a proper license and offers you a secured platform to place your bets. So why wait? Join today to maximize your wins!

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